Nephilim History

IN THE BEGINNING (500,000,000 BC)

When the world was young, it was bathed in magical the fields (Ka) of Solar, Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit. The creatures that roamed the earth possessed either Solar Ka, or some combination of the others. All creatures had a physical form, except for the Ka’im. They were creatures that were made entirely of the Fire, Earth, Air, Water, and Spirit Ka, who were born when the five elements surged in a nexus. They had no physical form, and existed in a reduced state of consciousness, floating about the earth like dreaming ghosts.

What separated the Solar Ka creatures from the others was their ability to evolve. While creatures of the other elements rose up and died out, the solar species lived on, adapting to their new environments, evolving into new forms and becoming more and more advanced.


Eventually, the first sentient races emerged from the reptilian lines. These beings banded together to form the Saurian empire. It is believed that they achieved an advanced level of technology. These great dinosaurs also began the first studies of elemental magic, especially involving the Spirit Ka. They understood that the light side of the moon was the source of this energy, and began to study a way to draw energy from the dark side of the moon, which was called Dark Ka.

THE AWAKENING (2,000,000 BC)

The great Saurian sorcerer Mu created a ritual that successfully drew the Dark Ka down from the moon. The power of the Saurians grew immensely, but the ritual had an unexpected side affect. The Ka’im were awakened. Their consciousness was raised to a sentient level. Having the power of the elemental Ka, the Ka’im created physical bodies out of the raw elements, allowing them to interact with the physical world.

It did not take long for the Ka’im to realize that the channeling of the Dark Ka made the other elemental fields unstable. The Saurians refused to cease drawing the Dark Ka, and soon open war began. The war’s outcome was decided when the Ka’im were able to create a counter ritual that stopped the flow of Dark Ka. While the ritual succeeded in reducing Dark Ka to a residual form, it also damaged the Spirit Ka field, so that it surges and manifests less often then the other four elemental Ka.

The fate of the Saurians is unknown. Some Ka’im claimed they were wiped out. Others say that they literally went underground. Still others claimed that the Saurians used their technological might to carry them away from the Earth to some unknown destination.


With the Saurians gone, the Ka’im were the undisputed masters of the world. Having both the greatest intelligence on the planet as well as a mastery of the elements, the Ka’im had little more to gain in the physical realm. So they turned their attention to the spiritual. They believed, that just as their consciousness had been raised once before, it could be raised to a higher state called Agartha. An Agarthan Ka’im would not have his consciousness bound to just three dimensions, and could, in theory, move about time and space at will.

There were two prevailing theories on how to achieve Agartha. The first, which was held by the majority, was through the incorporation of Solar Ka. Since Solar Ka based creatures were able to evolve, perhaps it was the key to the Ka-ims’ spiritual evolution. This was called the Golden Path. Some Ka’im disagreed with this theory, believing that the key to Agartha would be found in Dark Ka. They based this theory on the fact that it was the channeling of Dark Ka that awakened the Ka’im in the first place. They were referred to as followers of the Dark Path.

ATLANTIS (500,000 BC)

While the Dark Path Ka’im left for unknown lands, the Golden Path Ka’im centered their work on the small continent of Atlantis. After observing the various Solar Ka species of the Earth, they settled upon the hominid species as the best candidates for their studies. They began to manipulate the creatures, relocating them to harsh environments, pushing them into wars with each other, all to determine who was the fittest. They settled on humans as the best suited for their needs. All other hominid species were wiped out as failures, except for Neanderthals, which were allowed to survive in case the Ka’im needed a back up plan.

The humans were relocated to Atlantis, where the Ka’im immediately declared their godhood and demanded total obedience from humanity. For many millennia, they maintained this relationship with humans. During this time, they learned it was possible to take possession of human bodies, which they called simulacra, thereby creating one being with all six elemental Ka. Although progress was slow, the Ka’im became convinced that this process was indeed the key to Agartha.


As a result of their exposure to the superior Ka’im, humanity began to evolve quickly. Although they changed little physically, they were rapidly becoming smarter, and their level of awareness and understanding of the world around them began to grow. Some Ka’im began to question the morality of treating humans like cattle, now that they were becoming self-aware. Still others suggested that the Ka’im cease to hold themselves up as gods, and instead treat the humans as equals, and work together in a mutually beneficial way.

No agreement could be reached, and things continued as they were. However, a Ka’im named Prometheus gathered 23 humans whom he regarded as the most enlightened and took them from Atlantis to a place called Eden. He told them that time had no meaning in this place, and that they could live forever here. But he also warned them, that a great truth was being kept from their people that could change their entire perception of the world around them. He presented the 23 with two trees. Eat from the Tree of Life, and they could exist here forever, being immortal like their Ka’im masters and free from their control, but remain ignorant of the truth. Eat from the Tree of Knowledge and learn of the deception that enslaves their people, but be returned home to their mortal world.

All but one of the 23 chose to eat of the Tree of Life. A woman named Eve chose to eat for the Tree of Knowledge. She learned the truth, that the Ka’im were not gods who were entitled to the subjugation of humanity. While they did possess great power over the elements, they were no more entitled to claim mastery of the Earth than humanity. The Ka’ims’ interest in humanity was solely as test subjects in their great search for Agartha.

Forbidden by Prometheus to share this information directly with the others, she was given one chance to convince the others to change their minds to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. She succeeded in convincing one person, a man named Adam. He ate from the tree and knew as she did. As promised, they were returned to Atlantis and no mortal has been allowed to return to Eden since.

REBELLION (200,000 BC)

Though only two people possessed the truth, once returned home, Prometheus had no power over them. They told all who would listen, which at first was only a few, but a few turned to many, and many turned to thousands. Some were willing to continue to work with the Ka’im, but many were angry at the deception that they had lived under and demanded justice. Soon, there was outright rebellion and all out hostilities. The Ka’im were forced to release the humans from Atlantis, in order to keep the cooperation of the few humans that remained loyal.

The Ka’im then unleashed the Neanderthals on humanity, hoping that the physically superior Neanderthals would cause such problems for humans, that humans would be forced to beg the Ka’im for help and guidance. But the human’s intelligence and reason proved greater than the Neanderthal’s strength and toughness. Led by a group calling themselves the Promethean Brotherhood, the humans were victorious over the Neanderthals. The plan actually backfired as the Neanderthal threat forced the humans, who previously lived in family groups, to come together and form defensive tribes. These tribes would become the roots of the first human civilizations. The Ka’im realized that they would have to deal with the problem personally and declared all out war with the humans.


The war was clearly one sided. The mortal humans and their frail physical forms were no match for immortal Ka’im, who roamed the earth in bodies of stone and fire and could summon storms and earthquakes on a whim. Humanity seemed doomed.

There is much debate over what happened next. Some say it was a purely random event. Some say it was an act of revenge by the Saurians. Still others claim it was retribution by true gods who were punishing the Ka’im for their audacity. From the heavens, a giant comet slammed into the Earth, striking in the Atlantic, destroying the island of Atlantis in an instant. All the Ka’im who were in Atlantis at the time, which was most of them, were instantly wiped out. Further more, the comet brought with it a new form of Ka called Orichalka, which rolled over the Earth in a gigantic shockwave. Orichalka was destructive to the five elements of the Ka’im. Most of the Ka’im that were not in Atlantis were destroyed in an instant when caught in the Orichalka shockwave.

THE FALLEN (75,000 BC)

In the aftermath of the cataclysm, the world had changed. The five elemental Ka were forever weakened. The Ka’im lost their ability to control the elements including the ability to create their own physical forms. Possessing humans became their only way to have a physical body. When a new nexus would surge, an even less common event after the cataclysm, a new form of Ka’im would be born. This new generation was weaker than the Ka’im, and who also had no ability to control the elements and had to possess humans to interact with the physical world. Even worse, they were not immortal. If their simulacrum died, their Ka separated and they ceased to be. These new Ka’im were called Nephilim, which means “The Fallen.”

In this new world, humans had the advantage. Although the bodies of those possessed by Nephilim and Ka’im were super-human in many aspects, the Nephilim were simply too far out numbered to defend against humanity. For the first time, Nephilim and Ka’im feared for their future.

STASIS (50,000 BC)

The Nephilim had one advantage over their older brethren. Being born into the world post-cataclysm, they were more eager to adapt. They began to study a new form of elemental control called Sorcery. It was a ritualized way to recreate the old powers of the Ka’im. It was in the course of this study that the Stasis was invented. A stasis was an object partially made of the metal Litharge, which could be bound to a Nephilim. This stasis would allow a Nephilim to exist outside a simulacrum for a brief time to find a new body. This effectively made the Nephilim immortal like their older brethren, as they could jump from body to body. The down side of the stasis is that it worked like a magnet, holding the Nephilim’s Ka together. But it worked too well, and would occasionally draw the Nephilim into the stasis. Despite that problem, the development gave a huge advantage to the Nephilim. The war quickly swung back in their favor.


Humanity was again on the defense, and the Nephilim saw a chance to potentially recreate the world of the Ka’im. But then the humans traded in their stone weapons for those made of hammered copper. At first the Nephilim thought this odd, as copper is weaker than stone and harder to find. But soon they understood all too well. The humans had learned that when the Orichalka rolled over the Earth, various metal ore deposits around the world, especially those of copper and iron, absorbed it. Tribes who became known as the Orichalka Men, learned to energize this Orichalka in the metal weapons they crafted. These weapons were destructive to the Nephilim’s Ka. The tide of war changed again. The advantage was now with humanity, and they pushed hard to wipe out the last of the Nephilim.


When all seemed lost for the Nephilim, their long lost brethren, the Ka’im that chose to follow the Dark Path, and not been heard from in countless ages, returned. These Ka’im called them selves the Selenim. Like the Nephilim, they possessed bodies of superhuman capability, but were far tougher. They could survive the most mortal of wounds, but more importantly, they were immune to the destructive power of Orichalka. They joined the Nephilim in battle, and quickly turned the tide of battle.

But the Nephilim’s joy was short lived. They soon realized that the Selenim were different from them in other ways. The Selenim reveled in carnage, seeming to enjoy war more for the bloodshed then achieving any tactical goals. Furthermore, to maintain their physical forms, the Selenim needed to consume the flesh and/or blood of the living. In their quest to infuse themselves with Dark Ka, they had become bestial shadows of their former selves. The Nephilim feared that once the humans were defeated, the Selenim would turn on them, and the Nephilim were too weak to stop them.


The Nephilim and humanity knew that they each could not defeat the Selenim alone. So in a twist of fate, the two long warring factions united against the new enemy. Working together, they were able to drive the Selenim back into their distant lands.

When the dust of war had settled, the Nephilim and humans knew that neither could survive continuing hostilities. It was then that the two formed the Great Compromise. As part of the agreement, the Nephilim would accept the fact that their time as the dominant species on the Earth was over. The world now belonged to humanity. Humans, on the other side, would put down their Orichalka weapons and cease hunting Nephilim. The Nephilim who remained would be allowed to possess humans in order to continue their search for Agartha, as long as they did not openly seek positions of power with in the human civilizations.

The Great Compromise worked. The Nephilim avoided revealing themselves to humans, preferring to live among them in secret and in peace. By the time that recorded human history began, some 5,000 years later, the very existence of the Nephilim was forgotten by most.


Not all humans forgot though. Several off shoot groups of the Promethean Brotherhood made sure to pass the true history of the world down through the generations. Two prominent groups were the Sarmoung Brotherhood, a group who wished to continue the cooperative explorations and studies by humans and Nephilim, and the Order of the Black Star. The Black Star swore to prevent the Nephilim from ever returning to power and have been known to take militant action against Nephilim who break the Compromise. Some members of the Order also fear the Nephilim succeeding in their quest for Agartha, for an Agarthan Nephilim would be too strong for them to deal with.

Now the Nephilim continue their quest for Agartha, and their studies of sorcery, while avoiding the eyes of the Order and other hostile factions.


In northern Africa, many of the remaining Ka’im and some Nephilim started cults that worshiped them as gods. Unlike the days of old, this time they worked individually, and mostly for the benefit of their human followers. They taught their followers agriculture and how to grind and cook grasses. These successful cults grew into large tribes that would eventually become the cities of the early Egyptian kingdoms.


Similar to what was happening in northern Africa, many Nephilim began to pose as Priest Kings in an attempt to organize and advance human civilization. However, their close proximity to the lands of the Orichalka men resulted in constant conflicts between the two groups as they competed for control over the early human cities. It was around this time that the art of copper working escaped the exclusive control of the Orichalka men and became common knowledge amongst all human tribes.


In Egypt, the Black Star was all but driven out of Egypt. A unique system was established in which the Pharaohs were Nephilim whose guidance and wisdom would guide the empire to greatness. The priesthood, however, which held considerable sway over the people, was forbidden of Nephilim and under the control of a group called the Pharonic Brotherhood. This way a balance of power was maintained, and as a result, Egypt flourished into a great empire that would last for 3,000 years.


Up to this point, the powers in Mesopotamia remained in balance between humans and Nephilim, constantly shifting through small conflicts. After being driven from Egypt however, the Black Star began to concentrate their efforts on the Fertile Crescent. In the War of Five Armies, most of the Nephilim still in power were driven from the region placing it firmly in human control. Rumors stirred that a Selenim from the East named the Undying King had been awakened and was growing in power.


Seeking revenge for the actions of the Black Star, including the destruction the Spirit Ka’im Esmerelda, the Fire Ka’im Zaderan seeks the Agarthan Ka’im Enlil, and learns from him the Creation Gate spells of Fire and Water. Zaderan uses the creation Gate of Water to flood Mesopotamia and destroy its cities and kill its people. The only surviving mortals are Utnapishtim and his family, who were warned by the Agarthan Ka’im Enki of the impending doom. During the rebuilding that follows, many Nephilim again take positions of power in the region. Enlil is forced to hide from the wrath of Adonai for revealing the Creation Gate spells. Enki leads Utnapishtim to the Tree of Life were he is allowed to live eternally. Zateran had his Water Ka destroyed in the casting and was forced into Sekmet.


Gilgamesh was the fifth King of Uruk after the rebuilding. Both of his parents were Nephilim, who refused to let their son be Incarnated. Being a mortal born of immortals, he became obsessed with gaining immortality. He sought out Utnapishtim and found him in his home near a gateway to the Tree of Life. Utnapishtim gave Gilgamesh two chances to win his immortality, but Gilgamesh failed them both. He returned to Uruk where he realized his immortality lay within the legacy he left. He built Uruk into a great city that the other city-states looked to for guidance. When the Undying King came from the east to conquer Mesopotamia, Gilgamesh was able to organize the city-states of the region into a unified defense that sent the Undying King fleeing back into the east.


The Nephilim Imhotep becomes chief architect, surgeon, and magician, and advisor to Pharaoh Djoser. When tasked to design a new type of tomb for his Pharaoh, he constructs the first pyramids. The Pharonic Brotherhood fears that this new design serves a greater purpose than merely housing the dead. These constructs seem to have the ability to warp the very magic fields around them. Despite their misgiving, the design becomes the primary form of royal tomb for the next 1100 years.


Sargon, a brilliant military strategist and Black Star sorcerer founds the city of Akkad. There he amasses Orichalka weapons and creates an army to conquer Mesopotamia. Several years later he is successful and the Akkadian Empire is born. The region is now firmly under control of the Order of the Black Star. It is during this time that the Undying King makes another attempt to conquer the region. Thinking it would be easier now with the Nephilim out of power, he is surprised to find the human armies of the Akkadian Empire are up to the task of repelling him again.


The children of Sargon are less gifted than he was in maintaining an empire. Their incompetence, along with infiltration and sabotage by the Nephilim Ervanzo and Besini, result in the eventual collapse of the Empire. The region reverts to independent city-states. Over time many small empires would come and go, but neither side would dominate the region for any significant length of time.


In Mesopotamia, worshippers of the Demon-lord Baalzog, worshippers of Tiamat, and Nephilim who would eventually become the Devil Arcanum, attempted to create a massive gate south of the Dead Sea in order to bring Baalzog into the world. Their plan was foiled by the Ka’im Zaderan, who opened the Creation Gate of Fire in order to destroy the demon gate. The resulting rain of fire killed Zaderan and leveled the cities of Sodom, Gomorrah, and several smaller neighboring cities.


Pharaoh Amenhotep IV came to power in Egypt in 1346 BC. He immediately became a thorn in the side of the Cult of Amun, which was the public front of the Pharonic Brotherhood. When they tried to apply too much control over him, he began a campaign to undermine them. His primary method was to create his own monotheistic religion, known as Aten worship. He encouraged worship of Aten to the exclusion of all other gods, which weakened the influence that the Brotherhood had over the people. This was in clear violation of the Pact of Menes. He even changed his name to Akhenaten, and built a new capitol city called Akhetaten. Once this city was established, Akhenaten’s true intensions were revealed. He established the 22 Arcana. Each Arcanum represented a way to approach the Golden Path. Nephilim began to congregate in numbers not seen since Atlantis. Ultimately, Akhenaten overstepped his bounds, and overestimated both the support of his people and the unity of the Nephilim. A massive civil war in 1334 BC ended his reign, his life, and Aten worship. The Pact of Menes was restored and the Nephilim scattered. However, the Arcana had been established, and would guide the Nephilim throughout history.


The Nephilim who had possessed Heracles after the fall of Tarshish was obsessed with restoring the strength of Atlantis, despite the lessons learned in Egypt. It performed many great feats in search of power and magic, which later became known as the Labors of Heracles. A human leader, Jason, joins Heracles to travel to the Tomb of Prometheus, where his wisdom was said to be inscribed upon a Golden Fleece. Jason and Heracles recover the Fleece, but quarrel about its proper use and purpose. Jason escapes with the Fleece, but cannot read or use it. When he is killed by an unknown assassin, the Fleece vanishes. The exact nature of the Fleece is unknown, with some speculating that it is actually the lost Golden Tablets of Akhenaten. A Secret Society calling themselves the Knights of the Golden Fleece continue to search for it.


A dissident Nephilim, Eris, established a cult of humans with the purpose of dissolving all Nephilim plans into the original Chaos from whence they sprang. One group of Nephilim based in Mykenae, Greece, falls victim to Eris’ scheme, which involves tricking them into fighting over a powerful magical artifact. When the artifact is taken to Troy by one faction of the Nephilim, the others attack, and the resulting ten-year war destroys Nephilim power in Greece for five hundred years. Eris survives and moves on to continually sow discord in the ranks of its fellow Nephilim.


By 1000 BC, the Thebian Priesthood was once more totally dominated by Nephilim, who ruled Egypt as any other priestly kingdom. Twelve officers of the Egyptian Army resent this state of affairs and begin to conspire against the priesthood. They discover the nature of the Nephilim and of the 22 Arcana and resolve to steal the secrets of the Arcana and make themselves masters of Egypt and eventually the world. Their plot is discovered and they are driven into exile. They hide in the kingdom of Israel, using their knowledge of secret geometry to help build Solomon’s Temple. From this Temple, they call themselves the Knights of the Temple and start an organization of spies known as the Brotherhood of the Temple. They resolve to formulate the Great Plan that will result in their total mystical and mundane dominion over the world.


While the Nephilim focus their attention on Ibnath in regards to the activities of the Selenim, the Selenim’s real power grows on the other side of the world. They emerge in Mexico and force the humans living there to erect mighty Pyramid Sarcophagi to focus their dark powers. First the Olmecs, later the Zapotecs, Toltecs, Maya, and Aztecs will all succumb to the Selenim demand of “Blood or Destruction.”


Orpheus, a Nephilim ally of Jason, reincarnates, and begins attempting to rediscover the Golden Fleece. Orpheus creates an initiatory sect of humans combining shamanic possessions, priest-king attributes, and Rosicrucian magics. These “mysteries” inspire other Nephilim to follow the pattern and a new way of Human-Nephilim interaction is born. These mystery cults will last for almost a millennium before the Nephilim give up an try a new tactic.


After years of Assyrian Orichalka Men blindly digging up any magic they can find to fight the Nephilim, enough Selenim are inadvertently awakened that the fires of Ibnath burn again. Even after Azalandar crushes the Assyrians as he builds the Babylonian Empire, the Selenim continue to thrive in the Dark City. Two Nephilim, Zoroaster and Mitra, join forces to develop a new vision of the Golden Path. They seek to inspire humans and Nephilim alike to destroy the Selenim. Zoroaster helps create the Median Empire with the help of Strength, but looses control of the kingdom to the Emperor. The true threat comes not from Arukashu, the Master of Ibnath, but another Selenim named Arhiman, who seeks to master the dark powers of Necromancy. Arhiman’s plan to gain access to the Library of Celeano is foiled by a joint effort between Nephilim and the Mithradites, warrior-priests created by an alliance of the Sun, Strength, and Magician Arcana. In 540 BC, Ibnath is destroyed once and for all by a Mithradite army called The Immortals.


Alexander the Great is one of a rare breed of human whose spirit, will, and ability is so enormous, that he dwarfs even the Nephilim. The Nephilim in Greece inspire him to invade Persia, to shatter the hold the Emperor, Sun, and Justice Arcana have on the center of the world. However, he does more than that. He builds a great center for human science and learning at Alexandria and orders the collection of all known works of magic and learning be placed in the Great Library. He makes himself master of the world, expanding into India and drawing upon its wisdom to counter the Nephilim and the Mithradites. However, before he can move on to the west and conquer Tarshish, he is poisoned. Most believe he was either killed by the Black Star or by the Sisters of Isis. Having amassed so much power, however, any Arcanum or secret society may have been responsible.


Around 6 BC, a child is born in Judea. To some humans, he is the Son of God. To others, he is merely a great teacher or magician. To most Nephilim, he is the Zero Trump, the first Nephilim to be incarnated into an unborn fetus. In 26 AD, he is turned over to the Roman government of Judea by the religious authorities and crucified as a rebel. The official Nephilim version of the story, as told by the Wheel of Fortune, is that the Temple Brotherhood or one of their puppet groups killed him with an Orichalka spear. Others are not so sure he was a Nephilim. He possessed the powers of an Agarthan Nephilim, yet lived a life and taught a message that was very human. His nature has been debated ever since.


The Temple of Jerusalem is destroyed in the aftermath of a failed Jewish revolt against Rome. Many Jewish magicians begin to search for inner truths behind the ones of religion and politics. These magicians, working with texts saved from the Temple archives, soon develop a mystical understanding of the fields of magic and the beings that dwell in them. A Nephilim named Simeon bar Yokkai compiles these insights and adds his own revelations in a work, which evolves for almost 70 years. The text reaches its final form as the Zohar, or Book of Splendors. The Zohar is the basis for Summoning as well as the mystical discipline of Kabala.


Magicians attempting to develop magical techniques using Litharge and other mystical substances begin to develop spells centering on the fundamental mutability and impermanence of matter. Sensing a correspondence between the evolution of metals from lead to gold and the progress of Nephilim along the Golden Path, these magicians create the beginnings of Alchemy. It is unknown if any of these early Alexandrian Alchemists were Nephilim.


In an attempt to solidify his empire, Constantine, an Emperor Nephilim, calls a conclave of Christian leaders at Nicaea to dictate the form of their religion and its role in buttressing his empire. It is successful in creating a Christian Order with the help of the Hierophant Arcanum. However, the early church is heavily infiltrated by the Temple Brotherhood, who steer church doctrine to condemn the study of the occult. Human and Nephilim magicians are forced to practice their magic in secret lest they be branded heretics. Rarely do magicians gather in numbers after this, to avoid being discovered.


The Prieure de Sion, originally a Temple Brotherhood offshoot, now actively works against its parent organization. Its original act of defiance is to steal away the last in the bloodline of Jesus of Nazareth. Seeing the growing power and influence of the Temple Brotherhood, the Prieure attempts to establish its own kingdom in Britain. They choose a cavalry leader named Arthur and gift him with the Holy Grail, a powerful artifact, and declare him King of the Britains. A Magician Nephilim uses Summoning and Alchemy magic to forge Arthur’s sword Excalibur. The kingdom is a success for many years until it is undermined when a group calling themselves the Judas Brotherhood steals the Grail. Arthur sends his most trusted knights on a quest for the Grail, but it is never recovered. In an act of desperation, the Prieure allow an Emperor Nephilim to incarnate into Arthur, but even under his guidance the kingdom eventually falls to barbarians.


The library had been a huge success as the greatest accumulation of occult knowledge ever assembled. It had survived numerous thefts and attacks over the centuries, primarily by agents of the Temple Brotherhood. However, it was at the hands of Moslems, that the library suffered its greatest destruction. It was never again rebuilt. Rumors persist that many of the most important texts were smuggled out prior to the attack.


Throughout the Eight Century, a family dynasty known as the Carolingians grow in power. They are occult-trained and have little tolerance for Nephilim. Their power peaks when Charlemagne is crowned as head of the Holy Roman Empire. He forms a secret society called the Holy Vehm whose sole purpose is to hunt down and destroy Nephilim. Initially, the only balance to his power is the Catholic Church, which at this time is under the control of Hierophant Nephilim. The Temple Brotherhood must also see Charlemagne as a threat as they support the Hierophant’s efforts, which is the first time that they have ever cooperated with Nephilim.


A group of Nephilim is active in Bagdad, the capitol of the Muslim World. The Magician, Lover, and Sun Arcana work together to discover new mystical and magical methods. Lover Nephilim such as Junayd, develop the Sufi cults of Islamic mysticism, along side magician Nephilim such as Rhazes and other alchemists. The Sarmoung Brotherhood enjoys a period of resurgence as its texts are again consulted by powerful Nephilim. In the chaos of the Turkish invasions of the next century, however, the new knowledge is scattered.


A powerful Order of the Black Star sorcerer, Gerbert of Aurillac, discovers the mystically powerful Brazen Head and resolves to use his alchemical genius and this artifact to destroy all Nephilim during the Great Enthronement of 1004. His secret band of human sorcerers, the Cult of the Head, create the first Homunculi to use in the rituals that will subject all Nephilim to the will of Gerbert. The cult is broken up by Nephilim living as catholic priests. Some Cult members join the Temple Brotherhood and the Brotherhood learns that the Nephilim are more vulnerable then they thought.


To carry out the Great Plan, the Temple Brotherhood, which to this point has always worked through other Secret Societies, realizes an opportunity to gain great political power during the Crusades. Members of the Brotherhood form the Order of the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon. These Knights Templar quickly become the preeminent military, and more importantly, economic power in Europe. Their commanderies, treasuries, and castles soon cover all of Europe and the Holy Land, their agents are welcome in all royal courts and they reassume their ancient power base in Solomon’s Temple.

Nephilim History

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