Part 10 - Abateb's Tomb

Three days later, they arrived in Abedju, the closest city to the necropolis. They then traveled to the necropolis and began to search for Abateb’s tomb.

They located it and began to remove the stone seal. They kept a close watch out for guards as grave robbing was punishable by death.

Eventually a guard did come along on patrol. Most of them were able to hide, but Busiris was discovered. He tried to claim he was searching for his wife’s tomb, but his dirt caked hands gave him away. The guard insisted that he return with the guard’s camp, but Busiris took off running instead. The guard gave chase. Eventually, Busiris lost his pursuer and returned to the tomb.

It took a full week of digging, but eventually, they broke into the catacombs. As they explored, they were set upon by Guardians of the Dead. The jackal headed creatures swarmed them. Ahmose and Thutmose were slain. Janu was pulled into its Stasis, but Danel was able to stay free and went in search of a new body.

Busiris and Ramassu continued on and eventually found a large chest containing the Golden Tablets. They were again set upon by Guardians of the Dead. This time it was Ramassu that was slain. With Rylan going in search of a new body, it was up to Busiris to retrieve the tablets.

He fought off the last of the creatures and began to drag the chest back to the exit. He was almost there when he was again attacked by the Jackel headed creatures. Bursiris was slain and Sesshomaru was pulled into its Stasis.

Near the tomb of Abateb the Upright, a work boss named Maakepu was busily whipping his Hebrew slave Abashur. Both of their consciousnesses were suppressed as Rylan incarnated into Maakepu and Danel incarnated into Abashur. Having found new Simulacra, they returned to the tomb. Luckily Bursiris was able to get the tablets close to the entryway before he died. They only had to venture in a short ways to retrieve them.

Once outside, they loaded the cart that Abashur had been pulling with the tablets and prepared to return home. But then, Rylan fell into Shouit returning control of the body back to Maakepu. Abashur was forced to knock him out and tie him up. He then loaded him onto the cart as well.

Abashur was now in a difficult spot. He was a Hebrew slave, with his master tied up on a cart next to a gold filled chest that was taken from a tomb. If he were caught, there would be multiple reasons to kill him on the spot.

For three days, he pulled that cart through the desert. Being a Fire Nephilim, he was able to survive, but Maakepu did not. Rylan again was released from its Simularum, but this time it was pulled into Stasis.

Eventually Abashur reaching the Nile River. There he paid a boat crew to take him up river. Four days later, he arrived back in Akhetaten.

Part 10 - Abateb's Tomb

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