Part 11 - A City Reborn

Danel dug into the memories of its Oklu Simulacrum, a strange endeavor when done with a non-human creature. It was able to recall the location of a water fountain that lead to the water works. They travelled through the city and found the fountain. It contained water, but it was very brackish.

A path from the fountain led to a once opulent structure that contained a map of all of the city’s water works. Inside they encountered the ghost of a giant that once lived in the city and worked with the water system. He told them that the reason the water was tainted was not because of the Chual, but because of a plant that had taken root in the water system. He guided them to a concealed entrance that lead down into the base of the water system.

They descended into the water works. There they encountered the fish-like Chual. They battled the creatures, which seemed to just keep coming. They were able to find the nest, and they attacked the creatures with in. They purged the nest, although Kint was killed in the process sending Rylan into its Stasis. Inside the nest, they found another piece of the key. They also found the corpse of the ghost that helped them. They knew that Rlyan had found an Oklu to incarnate into as well, so they returned to the inhabited area of the city to find him. After a short time, they met Aot, Rylan’s new Simulacrum.

They then travelled to the source of the water works, where they discovered that the water was magically gated in from another location. In the chamber with the gates, they saw the plants that had taken root there. The plants gave off spores that made it difficult to think straight. Despite the confusing effects, they were able to destroy the roots of the plants and pull them from the chamber.

They returned to the top of the water works, bringing the key and the body with them. They took the body to a burial site called the Corpse Commons and buried the body, releasing the ghost from its trapped state in the water works.

Taking the two halves of the key, they traveled down a vast set of steps to the lowest level of the city where the vault was. There they put the two halves of the key together and opened the door. Beyond was the ruins of a second city, with a circular walled fortress at its center.

They made their way towards the wall when they saw a group of degenerate looking Oklu moving through the streets. They decided it was better to hide than to try and speak to them.

They came to the gates and found it guarded by several giants. They could not figure out how the giants got down to this level. Not wanting to face the giants, they continued to explore the city.

Eventually, they came upon a recently constructed pipe. It ran from the outside, down through the city, and into a hole in the wall. This breech in the wall was guarded by only two giants. The Nephilim attacked and killed the giants. They then passed through the hole in the wall and went into the fortress.

Inside the fortress they found a group of giants that had apparently constructed the pipe. They had stumbled into this cavern, and discovering the water that flowed through the fortress from the city above, began to divert the water outside. They were apparently unaware that the water had been tainted and by pumping it outside, they were tainting the water supply of the nearby cities and villages.

The Nephilim attacked and slew the giants. They then entered the inner most sanctum of the fortress. At its center was an empty pool at the bottom of which laid a large, desiccated corpse. They surmised that the pool lost its water when the giants diverted the water flow. Because of the plants the water that had been in the pool would have been tainted. Now if they restored water to the pool, it would be clean untainted water.

They went to work, figuring out the mechanics of the water system. Then with the turning of gears, and the opening and closing of valves, fresh water flowed into the pool.

As the corpse in the pool became submerged, cracks began to appear in it from which a bright light shown. The corpse then burst open, revealing a creature of light that introduced herself as Kamia. When she spoke to them, her features would become distinct, and she bore a strong resemblance to Namia, The Witch of Irem. She thanked them for reawakening her, and it was time for the city to be reborn as well.

Then a loud rumbling was heard and everything around them began to shake. The city of Kadralhu began to rise from its burial place and float once more in the sky. The Nephilim made their exit when the city passed over the monolith that brought them there. Kamia activated the sigils that would allow them to return. Asked what to do about the Oklu they were using as Simulacrum, she indicated that her sister could take care of that. They passed through the monolith and returned to the catacombs beneath Irem.

They found the witch who, as promised, agreed to teach them higher levels of Sorcery. They remained for several weeks, after which she declared their instruction done. She pulled Rylan and Danel from their Simulacra, and placed them in jars. She gave them to the others, and then sent the two Oklu back through the monolith.

As they prepared to leave, she told them that time travels differently in the alternate dimension they were in, which meant several years had passed since they first came to this place.

The two remaining Nephilim packed up, and headed back to civilization.

Part 11 - A City Reborn

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