Part 2 - Moving a Canal

In the morning they were approached by Aftome, who offers to get them out of jail in exchange for reporting everything that happened regarding the canal and the Guardian of the Nile to her. They agreed. The next day Hahn-Nur reluctantly had them released. He had confiscated their Stasis however.

They take the 12-day journey up the river to the village of Nupatta. Raneb presented himself as a priest of Hapy, stating that the canal needed to be stopped. The Grand Chief’s advisor was also a priest of Hapy and the two performed dueling magic tricks to prove their credentials. Neither was able to prove they had Hapy’s favor over the other. The Grand Chief said he would consider it over night.

The next morning the Grand Chief said he was not ready to make a decision. He needed to consider the consequences of his actions, so he stated that they would suspend construction of the canal for half a year so that he could sort things out.

The group traveled to the city of Kerma. When they arrived, they were immediately arrested by soldiers and thrown into a cell. They demanded to know what was happening, but no answer came.

Further complicating matters, Asken’s body was turning transparent. The next morning they told their jailor that Asken was clearly ill and needed medical attention. None came.

The next day, Asken was now completely invisible. He was able to slip through the cell bars and explored the compound. He found the magistrate’s office. There he discovered a box marked with a symbol of the temple of Hapy that contained a large amount of gold.

The following day, they made their escape. They were pursued by guards and were almost captured again. They avoided this fate however, by capturing the captain of the guard, a man named Tec. They negotiated safe passage out of the city in exchange for his release. When they let him go, they told him about the gold in the magistrate’s office, and he said he would look into it.

They decided to journey back to Abu-Simbal. Four days into the journey they are attacked by well-equipped bandits. They defeated the bandits, but Reneb and Khenu were killed. Danel and Sesshomaru were able to incarnate into two of the bandits named Nar-mur and Khemi respectively.

They were ready to move on when they found that Asken had ceased to be. Janu had become a ghost like entity, unable to leave the site of the battle, and unable to reach its Stasis or incarnate into a new Simulacrum. They had no option but to leave Janu to its fate.

They traveled on another day and were attacked again, this time by Nubian bandits. This time they were able to fend off their attackers without suffering any casualties.

Three days later, they were back in Abu-Simbal. They spoke to the Nomarch about what they had learned. He told them to return to Kerma and tell Tec he needed to find out why bandits were running around armed with military gear. He gave them a small boat that they could use to make the journey to find out what was going on.

Part 2 - Moving a Canal

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