Part 20 - Fire and Brimstone

While travelling to Jericho, Drakehad a dream in which he saw a dragon fly into a walled city. Drake entered the city and watched as the dragon passed over a large ziggurat and landed upon a smaller one behind it.

The next day they arrived to Jericho. They found a large ziggurat in the center of the city and beyond it a smaller one. They inquired with the locals and learned that the smaller one was a temple of Ishtar.

While exploring the city, they were followed by some thugs. That evening, as they slept at an inn, Harpies descended on their room and tried to take off with Zaderan. Several of the same thugs from earlier were waiting outside as well.

The attack ended up being bloody as Hamish, Gorgessin, and Aximod were killed. After the battle, they reincarnated into nearby village folk named Ishka, Hargin, and Belsin respectively. After some consideration, they came to the conclusion that Drake’s vision was designed to lure them into a trap.

They departed Jericho and headed up into the hills. They asked around and were eventually pointed in the direction of Abram’s home. When they arrived, they met with him and learned that he had recently changed his name to Abraham after he had had a visit from God.

They told him about their mission and described the sigil that they were looking for. He stated that he has seen that sigil in the city of Sodom. It was a wicked city and he felt no regret over it having to be destroyed. In exchange for giving them supplies and directions for the trip, he asked them that they get his nephew Lot out of the city before they destroyed it. They stayed with Abraham for a couple of days while they prepared.

They then made the three-day journey to Sodom. Part of the journey required them so sail across the Dead Sea. During the voyage, they were attacked by more harpies, but were able to fend them off.

They arrived at the city gate, which was guarded by several Knights of Tiamat. Drake approached them and was able to get the group into the city. Once inside that could see what Abraham was referring to. Self-mutilation and public copulation was commonly sceen as they made their way through the city. The influence of Baalzog within the city was undeniable.

They made their way to Lot’s house. They told Lot of what was going to happen and urged him to pack up his family and flee the city. They were able to convince Lot to do so, but as they were preparing, a crowd began to gather outside of the house demanding the visitors be turned over to them.

They awakened Zaderan and saw the power of a Ka’im first hand as he destroyed anyone who got in his way. With his help they fended off the crowd, but Hargin was killed. Jehoram was pulled into his Stasis and was unable to reincarnate.

They escorted Lot and his family to the city gate and sent them on their way. They then made their way to the temple at the center of the city. Drake turned back anyone who questioned who they were or why they were there.

When they reached the temple, they opted for a frontal assault and attacked the guards at the entrance. They defeated the guards and made their way inside. They slaughtered all that they found inside.

Zaderan began the ritual to open the Creation Gate of Fire. The others protected the entryway. They were set upon by wave after wave of cultists and Knights of Tiamat. They were able to defeat them as well, but were beaten down badly in the process.

Finally, and giant demonic jackal creature entered the temple. Zaderan used his power to encase the Nephilim in stone armor to protect them for the final battle. They fought desperately against the massive demon and were finally able to defeat it.

Their celebration was short lived as they saw an entire army of cultists and demons approaching the temple. By then though, the ritual was ready. The temperature in the room began to climb and Zaderan was glowing red. They could hear explosions erupting outside. Then a wall of fire incinerated them, destroying all of the cities in the valley in the same process. The Nephilim were sent into Stasis.

Part 20 - Fire and Brimstone

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