Part 23 - The Second Death of a Dream

They took the ten-day journey back to Assuit. There they rendezvous with Rakandar and journeyed back to Aketaten.

When they arrived home Uteven and Ovek were taken immediately before the Pharaoh. They explained to him what had happened and handed over the scroll that they had received from Nephren-Ka. He was most pleased with their accomplishments and promised to make sure that the Nephilim that had been returned to Stasis would be reincarnated and each would be granted the palatial place to live.

Over the next several weeks, construction their on new homes began. Rylan and Danel were reincarnated into laborers named Amasis and Rua, respectively. The two found it difficult to be disconnected from the Part 13 – Life in Akhetaten | lives that they had established earlier in the city.

About three months later, Rua received a message from a man named Shadu, who wished to meet him. They met in a dark alley, where they were promptly attacked by 18 men. Shadu turned out to be a formidable warrior, as the two of them were able to dispatch the 18 attackers. Shadu admitted afterwards that he used Rua as bait knowing it would draw the attackers.

Shadu stated that he was an agent of the Pharaoh, tasked with rooting out a conspiracy to assassinate the Pharaoh. He said that the Pharonic Priesthood, along with the Cult of Amun, were conspiring to kill the Pharaoh. The spy that they had planted within the city was a merchant named Ehas, whom Danel and the others had sponsored to bring into the city. Shadu said that therefore Rua was responsible for this mess and now Shadu had to clean it up.

Over the next few weeks, Ehas was arrested and executed. Pharaoh Akhenaten was so incensed by what the Cult of Amun that he began to send his troops out to go from city to city, cleaning out the temples of Amun. Rua also learned that the Shadu was a fire Nephilim named Omega-Kor. Omega-kir felt that Rua’s fighting ability was lacking, and so began training him to help make him a better fighter.

With the coming of the Egyptian New Wear, Pharaoh made it official when he decreed that Aten was the only God of Egypt, and therefore the only one to be worshiped by his subjects.

About four months later, Akhenaten called for a conclave of the Nephilim. It was the first to have been called since the days of the Ka’im. The group soon found themselves in the presence of scores of other Nephran from all over the known world.

After the conclave, Akhenaten declared that he wished to create a new Atlantis right there in Akhetanten. It would be a new place that Nephilim could come together safely and work together in their search for Agartha. To this end he had inscribed on the 22 Golden tablets of Aten, the 22 Arcana. These Arcana represented 22 different approaches to the Golden Path. Those who wished to achieve Agartha should choose one of these Arcana to follow and be their guide along the path.

Over the coming months, each member of the group chose an Arcanum to follow. Danel chose Strength, those who achieve Agartha by combating chaos and the demonic. Rylan chose the Chariot, those who seek Agartha through science and technology. Sesshomaru chose the Magician, those who seek Agartha through the learning and teaching of magic. Janu chose the Lover, those who seek Agartha by indulging in the human senses.

Four months after the conclave was held, the war between the Pharaoh and the Priesthood had come to a head. Armies for both sides had amassed around the city of Neckham. The group was ordered by Pharaoh to go there to be his champions.

They journeyed to the city, as instructed. Once there they began to help organize and train the troops. Ten days after their arrival, the armies loyal to the priesthood attacked. The battle was long and bloody, and all four of the Pharaoh’s champions were killed.

Part 23 - The Second Death of a Dream

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