Part 3 - The Axe Bearer Lodge

They then traveled to the city of Larsa, famed for its horses. It also had the only major temple to Tiamat, the god of Chaos.

The evening they arrived they spotted a wine trader and his son from Babylon. The wine trader traveled to this region once every couple of years to sell his wines. The group decided that the two would be prime candidates for simulacra.

Rylan left her simulacra and incarnated into the merchant, whose name was Dadanum. He then convinced the son, named Demethes that he had made a business arrangement with Gorgessin to show him how to grow grapes on his farm. So the father and son, along with their two bodyguards, four servants and the Nephilim made a week long journey to a lake in the east where they believed a Water Plexus would appear.

After camping along the shore of the lake for a couple of days, Gorgessin rowed out to the middle of the lake along with Demethes and one of the guards, named Kishuk. He also brought along the Stasis that belonged to Sesshomaru and Janu. The Plexus manifested, allowing the two Nephilim to break free of their stasis, and incarnate. Sesshomaru incarnated into Demethes, and Janu incarnated into Kishuk.

They remained in the wilderness for several more days before deciding to head to Nippur for supplies. Once there, they replenished supplies and took an 11 day journey to Kish.

While exploring Kish, they discovered that the city’s Temple of Sin, was also a lodge of the Sarmoung Brotherhood, called the Axe Bearers. It was at the lodge that they learned the events that had passed while they were in stasis.

They learned of how some 925 years ago, the Order of the Black Star used their influence in several regions to launch a massive offensive in the fertile crescent intent on driving out all Nephilim and Ka’im. Many were indeed destroyed and the rest were driven away. Zaderan sought out the Agarthan Ka’im Enlil who taught him a powerful ritual call the Creation Gate of Water. Zaderan used this ritual to bring forth a deluge that flooded the entire region and decimated the population. But the spell took its toll on Zaderan and he had not been seen since.

It took nearly a hundred years for civilizations to return to the region. One of the first was the rebirth of Urik. It was lead by Gilgamesh who in addition to restoring the city, drove back The Undying King when he invaded the region.

Around 435 years prior, a powerful Black Star Sorcerer named Zargon formed the Akkadian Empire, which conquered most of the region. The Akkadians repelled another attack by the Undying King, but they had no tolerance for Nephilim.

Around 370 years ago, a Nephilim named Ervanzo infiltrated the Akkadian Government. With the help of Besini he was able to undermine the leaders and help orchestrate the Empire’s eventual collapse. Having succeeded in this endeavor, Ervanzo set out to destroy the Undying King. He was not heard from again.

After helping them get caught up on historical events, the head of the lodge, named Delfarus, requested their aid. He said that a High Priest in Lagash named Kadathu had been targeting the lodge for destruction. They believed that he was a Nephilim that did not believe in humans having access to occult knowledge. Delfarus asked that they go to Lagash and speak on behalf of the Sarmoung Brotherhood. The Nephilim agreed.

Part 3 - The Axe Bearer Lodge

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