Part 4 - Trouble Back Home

The Nephilim fled to Zoas, the home for most of their Simulacra. But all they found was the burned out remnants of their village. All that remain of the villagers were the old and infirm and young children. They learned that a band of raiders had come through 4 days prior and took all able-bodied people.

They then track the raiders to the base of the Zagros Mountains. They were able to move ahead of the raiders who were travelling with several dozen captured villagers. They then let loose a mule carrying various supplies including some poisoned beer. When the raiders came across the donkey, they happily took the beer. Uut then infiltrated the caravan as one of the enslaved villagers.

When the raiding party made camp, Uut prepared the villagers to escape. While the raiders were ill from the poisoned beer, the other Nephilim attacked. During the melee, while the raiders defended themselves, Danel and the villagers busted out. When the fighting was over, all of the raiders were either dead or had run off. Unfortunately, Danel and Tor were killed. Their spirits had become trapped in their Stasis. The survivors made their way back to Zoas where they picked up those who had been left behind. They then made a slow journey to the closest village that would accept them. Having now been gone for several months, they decided to make the long journey back to Urik.

They learned from Mathius that the location that they raiders were heading toward seemed to be some old mines owned by the Priest-King of Lagash. They then decided to return to investigate. On the way, they made a major detour to visit Sertain. He showed a lake where a water Plexus would manifest. The three surviving Nephilim took the Stasis of their fallen comrades to the Plexus and released them. Danel incarnated in a farm hand named Yihattie and Rylan incarnated in another farm hand named Ishme.

The Nephilim returned to the Zagros Mountains and found the mines, but they were no longer abandoned. They were taken over by some men from Lagash as well as several Egyptians. They sneaked into the Egyptian’s tents and learned that the Egyptians were looking for copper in the mines that might contain Orichalka. The PCs gathered up evidence to this effect and returned to Urik. Mathius indicated that something needed to be done to shut down that mining operation, but another matter had come up.

Part 4 - Trouble Back Home

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