Part 11 - The Race for the Amulet

A few weeks later, they were celebrating the birth of Kagen’s first child. During the celebration they were visited by Insu, who had some disturbing news. Apparently, a dealer in the esoteric, located in the city of Casicus claimed to have in his possession the Volketh Amulet. Little was known about what the amulet did, but it was believed to have been created by the Selenim. For this reason, Insu encouraged the group to go find it and retrieve it.

Once again, the group packed up their things, said goodbye to loved ones, and headed out on a long journey. Two and a half months later, they found themselves in the city of Casicus. There they learned that the dealer there were looking for was a man named Efron.

They went to a Efron’s shop, and spoke to him about the amulet. At first it took some doing to get him to admit he even had the thing. But once that was established, bargaining began in earnest. Unfortunately, Efron insisted on getting no less than 600 gold for the amulet, which was more than they had. It was getting to be late in the day, so they decided to end negotiations for the time being, and would return in the morning.

Early in the morning, Teswah went on to explore more of the city. The others remained at the inn. Soon there was a knock at the door, and Griss, Kagen, and Busker found themselves under arrest. Apparently someone had broken into a friend’s shop the night before, and stole the amulet. Naturally, Efron believed it was them.

He confronted them at the magistrate’s office, and demanded to know what they did to him. When asked what he was referring to, he stated that he always slept on the floor of the shop. Somehow however, he slept through the entire theft, something he insisted was impossible.

The three were able to communicate this information in Ka-Vision to Teswah. He then went to investigate the shop. There, just inside a window, he found a burnt and severed hand. He explained what he found to the others. Kagen recognized it as a Hand of Glory, a necromantic device that could be used to incapacitate victims.

Teswah began to ask around and learn that there were several other strangers in town last evening. They had been seen leaving on horseback early that morning.

Luckily for the group, they were released from jail. The magistrate had had their things thoroughly searched, and no trace of the amulet could be found. He decided that there was a lack of distinct evidence to hold them for this crime.

They immediately left town, in pursuit of the real thieves. After nearly two days of hard riding, they were able to catch up to the thieves. Ka-vision revealed that they were all human, but the amulet definitely radiated dark magic. Teswah and Griss attempted to sneak up closer, but were detected. At that point Kagen and Busker stormed in and combat ensued. Most of the thieves were slain, but one survived to be interrogated.

He indicated that the amulet could be used to locate the tomb of Baskel, a Selenim. Legends stated that Baskel was the only Selenim who knew the location of Lilith’s tomb. They relieved him of the amulet, and return to Ekbatana. There they turned it over to Inhus, who locked it away in the Emperor’s vault.

The threat of the amulet had been easily averted. What troubled the group however, was why the Selenim were now feeling so bold as to act so openly, and try something as grandiose as find the tomb of Lilith. It seemed the Selenim believed that their day was soon at hand.

Part 11 - The Race for the Amulet

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