Part 8 - The Necromancer

Over the next few weeks, the group observed a new fashion trend growing within the city. People were beginning to sport jewelry made with the the purple crystals that had been taken from the Red Wastes. Someone was funding merchants to bring crystals into the city and sell them to the wealthy citizens.

Around this time, while Teswah was purchasing supplies for his farm, he overheard a conversation amongst a couple of farmers. They were talking about a man named Haggan, who had been recently roughed up by his father-in-law, with whom he had always had a poor relationship. The sticking point of the matter was that his father-in-law apparently had died some time ago.

Teswah went to investigate the cemetery where Haggan’s father-in-law had been buried. There he found two graves were empty. One of them belonged to the father-in-law, while other was unknown to him. Using Ka-Vision revealed the residual presence of Dark Ka. Before he could investigate further, several of the graves burst open as animated corpses emerged from the ground and attacked. Teswah was able to escape unharmed.

He returned to the city and told the others. They were able to find records for the cemetery, and learned that the other empty grave belonged to an old priest king named Shama, from an ancient city named Galpugus.

They were able to locate where the ruins of the city were located. After making some quick arrangements, the group traveled there. After some considerable searching, they were able to find a larger burial mound. On top of the mound was a stone altar surrounded by 13 pillars.

While the top of the mound seemed unused, they were able to find a tunnel going into it. After some exploration, they encountered the re-animated corpse of Shama. They were able to speak to him and learn that he had been resurrected by a necromancer. This necromancer, who called himself Maligar wanted to know how to find and control the 13 guardians to the portal to Celeano. Once Shama had revealed to him what he wanted to know, he was left behind.

They were able to remove the necromantic magic that animated Shama, and allowed his soul to be laid to rest once again. They then made immediate pursuit of the necromancer as they believed him to be not far ahead of them.

Some distance away they encountered the man, dressed in black. His soul was made entirely of dark Ka, indicating that he was a Selenim. He had with him a small entourage of undead. This very fact indicated that he was likely a powerful necromancer.

The group attacked, fighting their way through the undead trying to get to the necromancer. But before they could reach him, a strange winged beast descended from the sky, grabbing Maligar in its clutches and carrying him off to safety.

They then returned to the burial mound. There they took down the 13 pillars, which they assumed represented the 13 guardians. They were on unsure of the exact nature of the pillars, but thought it was best if they were destroyed.

They then returned to Ekbatana. There they did some research and learn the city of Celeano was believed to be located in either an alternate dimension or another world. The city was sent to have a great library contain knowledge of all things. Some claim that this library was actually the Akashic Records.

What Maligar was up to, they were not sure. Clearly however, the Selenim were up to something.

Part 8 - The Necromancer

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