Also known as the Undying King. One of the direct devotees of Lilith and one of the oldest Selenim, Arukashu’s first known appearance after the Great Compromise was in the Red Wastes. He appeared in the city of Yakkoth as the Necromancer Yaod. He taught the people of the city many things and had them construct four great pillars that would draw the Dark Ka to them. Arukashu realized he miscalculated however, and needed to have the pillars in the location where the city of Ibnath now stood.

Yaod soon disappeared and several years later, Arukashu emerged as a warrior in the city of Ibnath. He possessed an artifact called the Eye of Ishtar, which hid his true nature from the city’s Hierophants, a council of Nephilim that ruled the city along with its human king. Arukashu eventually got himself crowned king. As king he declared war on the necromancers of Yakkoth. He destroyed the city, enslaved its people, and had the stone pillars relocated to Ibnath.

Before he could complete his final plans with the pillars, his true nature was discovered when he was caught drinking the blood of his wife Nikhartha. Arukashu fled to the mines of Sinmesh where he went to sleep. Nikhartha was believed to have been put to death and locked away in a ziggurat. Shortly after that, the city of Ibnath was destroyed when the Hierophants accidentally summoned a demon of Baalzog.

Around 2800 BC, a group of Nephilim searching for the tablets known as the Book of Eons, released both Arukashu and his vampire wife Nikhartha. Arukashu slowly amassed power and become known as the Undying King. He attempted to conquer Mesopotamia in 2680 BC and 2330 BC, but was repelled by Gilgamesh the first time and Sargon and the Akadians the second time. Around 2300 BC, the Nephilim Ervanzo led an army across the Zagros Mountains, attacked the armies of the Undying King and smashed his pillars. Arukashu remained quiet for nearly 1500 years. With the awakening of the Selenim by the Assyrians, Arukashu reestablished his kingdom at Ibnath. By 585 BC, he again became less active, leaving control of the city in the hands of Arhiman.

Arukashu emerged again in 260 BC under the name Baal Hammond. He freed the land of Greek control and fortified it against attack. Naturally the once peaceful land began to spoil and Dark Ka creatures began to stalk the night. Eventually, he drew the attention of Rome. Three times the Roman Empire attacked Carthage. Twice they were repelled, but the third time, they broke through Arukashu’s defenses. Carthage was leveled, the citizens slaughtered, but Baal Hammond was never found.


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