Followers of Ibn Sina

These are an order of Islamic sorcerers, who believe that the world is a collection of chaotic dust motes that move at random but are held in a form of ordered stasis by the will of God. If God were to withdraw his attention, even for a moment, then the world would fly apart into its constituent atoms.

The sorcerers believe that they have the power to momentarily take the burden of God, to hold the world together by their will instead of that of God. As part of this burden, they gain
the power to reshape reality for an instant. Spells are acts of devotion for the Followers of Ibn Sina.

In the time of their founder, Ibn Sina (known as Avicenna in the west), the sorcerers consulted with Jewish scholars and from them learned of the existence of the Tomb of Solomon. This was treated as nothing more than a historical curiosity by the sorcerers. The djinni and demons imprisoned by King Solomon, in their eyes, aberrations in the divine plan. The djinni can work miracles on the stuff of matter in a manner akin to
the attention of God but they lack the infinite wisdom and compassion of Allah. Therefore, they are troublesome spirits and it is a good thing they are imprisoned where they cannot
torment God or man.

The Followers have no desire to free the spirits from the tomb but they very much wish to keep the Franks – their term for all invaders from Europe – from gaining the power of the spirits of Solomon.

Followers of Ibn Sina

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