Part 1 - A Corpse Out of Water

The Nephilim were once again reborn. Danel incarnated into Gaspar D’Moley, a herald, Seshomaru incarnated into Valentine DeVesey, a merchant with a charter from Holy Roman Emperor King Henry V . Rylan into Gullium D’Curia, an apothecary, and Janu into a servant named Christoph Breville. They learned that about 450 years had passed since their last incarnation.

They found themselves at the shore of the same lake that they had incarnated at last time. They made several attempts to retrieve the items they had left in the lake before they were ordered to join the others.

They were all part of an entourage of a knight named St. Claire. With 20 men-at-arms, and twice as many servants, St. Claire was travelling towards the Holy Land to fight the Muslims. King Baldwin of Jerusalem had called for aid in freeing the city of Azas.

Their journey took them to Lausanne and then to Geneva and the town of Grenoble. There they were approached by a young man looking to smuggle a woman out of the city. It seemed she was engaged to a man she could not stand and needed to get away. They could not help but feel that the man hiring them had a personal motivation for preventing this marriage. She was to be taken to the city of Briancon.

Since St. Claire was passing through Briancon, they agreed, and got her out of the city. They hid her away in a carriage, and after some tense moments with the town guard, they were on their way.

They passed through Monte and on to Briancon. There they delivered the girl to family there. She had taken a liking to Gaspar, and was sad to see him go.

It had been five weeks since they had incarnated, and almost all of that time was spent travelling through mountains. It was late winter, so the weather was cold and the journey was slow going.

In mid-March, they arrived in Genoa. St. Clair had some business to attend to, and resupplying needed to be done, and a ship to be chartered to take them to Ladispoli, near Rome. This meant they had a few days’ rest.

While at the harbor, they witnessed a body being dragged from the water, having been apparently caught in a fishing net. The word on the docks was that it belonged to Ferlain Fucsotto, an eccentric man who had drown in the harbor 10 years ago. The body seemed to be remarkably preserved for a 10 year old corpse.

Looking at the body through Ka-Vision they discovered that he was a Nephilim named Khaultan, a Hermit, who was none too pleased about being disturbed. He said he was just on the brink of truly understanding water when they hauled him out. He asked them to return him to the water.

To everyone else, he looked like a well preserved corpse, and would not take kindly to a bunch of strangers tossing him back in the water. So they allowed some harbor watchmen to take him to a nearby church for a proper burial.

Once the body was at the church, there was some debate over what to do with it. There were strong rumors that Ferlain was a sorcerer. While this would exclude one from being buried in a Christian cemetery, he was never formally excommunicated.

They reestablished contact with him, and he told them it was true what they said. He had some books and notes stashed away, and he would tell them where they were if they could get him back in the water. They began formulating a plan to steal him from the church.

It turned out that they were not the only ones. While scouting the place out, they overheard several men who were planning to do the same. Possibly members of the Order of the Black Star, they intended to steal the body from the church, and take it by carriage to an unknown location to interrogate the Nephilim.

With this information, they modified their plans. Instead of stealing the body from the church, they waited for the other men to do it, and then they hi-jacked the carriage after the body was loaded on. The men were well trained and put up a fight. Although the Nephilim were able to steal the cart with the body, Christoph was killed, returning Janu to his Stasis. They smuggled the body onto the ship that their entourage had chartered.

The next day, they travelled to the monastery of St. James and managed to talk their way inside. They inspected one of the brick ovens and when none of the monks were around, tore out the bricks at its base. Inside were the texts and notes that Khaultan had promised. They then made a quick exit before the monks saw the damage.

The following day they boarded the ship to head towards Rome. Once the ship was a good distance from the shore, and the ship hands were properly distracted, they dumped the body back into the water.

Part 1 - A Corpse Out of Water

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