Part 1 - A Frank Awakening

Janu incarnated to find himself standing before a podium with an open book laid upon it. Upon a stone slab lay a woman who became the Simulacrum for Rylan. She was covered in painted markings. Around them stood a crowd of people watching the apparent ritual. Danel and Sesshomaru incarnated into two of the spectators.

Janu had to dig deep into the consciousness to understand what was happening. He was able to the necessary memories and realized he was performing a pagan ritual to ensure strong crops for the coming year. He stumbled through, but managed to get through it.

When the ritual was complete, a feast was eaten and a camp was made. They learned that roughly 550 years had passed since their days living in the Roman Empire. The empire still existed, but had diminished greatly. The region they now lived was once well within the empire’s borders, but now that border lay several weeks’ travel to the south. They now lived in one of the Frankish Kingdoms named Burgundy, and was ruled by King Clovis II. He also ruled a neighboring kingdom of Neustria.

By interacting with the other attendees, they were able to learn about themselves. All of the people were from a village called Poulton. Janu’s simulacrum was named Lorenzo, and he was the mayor of the village. Rylan was his wife Kristin. Sesshomaru had incarnated into Quinton, the village Apothecary. His son William was the town’s watchman and was Danel’s simulacrum.

They had gathered a full day’s travel from the village to perform the pagan ritual because the Catholic Church now dominated the region, and they had forbidden pagan rituals. The church was formed when a man named Constantine had ruled the Roman Empire. It was strongly against practicing magic or esoteric studies outside of biblical teachings. Clearly, it would not be tolerant of Nephilim.

The following day, they travelled back to Poulton. They remained there for about a week before returning to the site of the ritual. Using Ka-Vision, they were able to find a hidden cache beneath the stone altar. There they were able to find their Stasis.

They then traveled back to their new home where they settled into their new lives.

Part 1 - A Frank Awakening

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