Part 15 - The Lord of Misrule

They headed out to the leper colony. There they found all of the lepers had declared themselves followers of the Joyous One. Apparently he preached a heaven on Earth scenario to those who followed him. The lepers said that the Joyous One could be found in the woods outside of the colony.

They travelled out to the woods and found the man in a white robe and leather mask. Ka-Vision showed both Solar Ka and Demonic Ka. He told them that he could make their dreams come true. He knew men’s desires and could give them what they wanted. This is what he did for the Heiromonks from the Order that came looking for him. They wanted to fight evil, so he gave them the chance to fight evil everywhere.

Just then, they heard cries in the distance, and a glow of light above the trees. They left the Joyous One behind and ran back to the leper colony. They found the colony in flames as Templars slaughtered the lepers. When the last of the lepers fell, the Templars rode away.

Later in the evening, they heard that some mad monks were attacking people. They went to investigate. They found the Order’s monks attacking anyone who came near them. Clearly they were delusional, convinced that they were in hell, and everyone they encountered was a demon. The Nephilim were able to incapacitate the monks and hide them in a farmer’s shed where they could be secured and allowed to recuperate. The Nephilim weaved some magic to try and disrupt the effect that the Joyous One had on the monks.

The next day, they returned to the ruins of the leper colony to face the Joyous One. He was no longer there however. There were a couple of fresh bodies however. One belonged to a man who had accompanied the Templars back to the colony. The Templars had found the Joyous One and attacked him. He killed several men and a couple of the Templars before he was finally subdued and taken back the Chateau Du Paynes.

The Nephilim travelled to the Chateau, but there was no answer at the gate. Ronald scaled the wall and saw several servants and a couple of Templars dead. They all scaled the walls and looked about the keep. It was clear that mass chaos took over the place the night before. People had attacked each other and even themselves. At one point, as they crossed the grounds they were forced to fight and kill an insane Templar.

They entered the main keep. In the dungeon below they watched two Templars battle each other. One finally got the upper hand and slew his comrade. Even though the other Templar was dead, he kept hacking away at him with a mad look in his eye.

They climbed the tower and were attacked by a badly wounded Templar who was convinced they were demons. They did their best to subdue him without killing him.

Near the top of the tower, they found an extensive occult library. They found a locked chest, which after being broke open, was revealed to contain numerous very old scrolls.

The uppermost chamber was a badly scorched room containing a damaged magic circle. There was also a cracked bell, a burned book, a broken candle and a jar with a broken wax seal.

Valentine and Gregor studied the trappings of the room and came to the conclusion that the Templars had tried to exorcise the Joyous One and bind the demon that possessed him. Clearly, it had not gone well.

Gregor looked out the window and saw five Templars approaching the keep on horses. When they arrived Gregor revealed himself to be an agent of the Order. Luckily, the Templars accepted this and a conflict was avoided. As the Nephilim administered healing and last rights, the Templars searched through the wreckage of the keep.

One of the Templars told them that their leader, Jerome of Aquitaine had found a sealed container in the Holy Lands that he believed to contain a demon call the “Lord of Misrule”. He brought it back to the keep in an attempt to bind the demon and learn from it. It had escaped and possessed the man who became known as the Joyous One. Jerome had been working ever since to contain it. Jerome was present at the Chateau but now was nowhere to be found. He was not among the dead.

It appeared that someone had made use of the secret tunnel in the dungeon to a stable on the south side of the keep. The Templars sent a couple of knights to see if they could pick up any tracks. The rest returned to town.

In the early morning hours they returned to the city. Using Ka-Vision they could see a level of Demonic Ka pervading the entire city. Following it to its strongest point, they found themselves outside the home of Aribert, one of the two individuals running the fair. Ka-Vision revealed 10 individuals staying in the home.

The Nephilim attacked. In the house were a couple of Templars, including Jerome, the knight with three missing fingers, and some merchants, all under the sway of the Joyous One. Jerome ordered the Nephilim to leave, and they found a strong compulsion to obey him, but they resisted. Just as the last of the men in the house was dispatched, they noticed a crowd of people outside yelling and declaring their allegiance to the Joyous One.

The crowd attacked the home. So heavily outnumbered, the Nephilim were forced to run for their lives. They managed to flee the city as it began to burn.

The returned to the Chateau to regroup. Looking through the notes in the library, they determined that the scrolls in the chest made up an ancient text called the “Key of Solomon” which was a seminal work written by King Solomon himself on binding and banishing demons. They also found a coded message that contained clues to the location of the Tomb of Solomon.

The next day, one of the knights returned claiming that the Lord of Misrule had possessed another leper. The two knights battled the demon and while his partner died, the knight managed to slay the beast. At first the Nephilim were inclined to believe him, but after an examination of the knight, they realized that the knight was under the subtle influence to the demon, convincing him that he had beat the demon.

The Nephilim decided they would need to hunt the Lord of Misrule themselves.

Part 15 - The Lord of Misrule

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