Part 15 - The Tomb of Kolan

They headed down to the harbor and booked passage on a ship to take them across the Red Sea. The ship would not leave, however, for another two days.

In the middle the night, Abashur heard a noise and went to wake up Tsekani. He saw a man with a club getting ready to take a swing at Tsekani. A short combat ensues. The two emerged victorious over the thug and they took him captive. Interrogation revealed that the man was apparently hired by a mysterious stranger. This stranger, he said, smelled like sulfur and seemed to be wearing a larger amount of rope beneath his robes. The man hired him to attack the group in order to delay them for as long as possible.

Early the next morning, they headed out to the harbor to board the ship. There they found the Captain speaking to several members of the local town militia. Apparently the Captain owed a considerable amount of money to a man named Rahopas. The ship was not allowed to leave until the Captain had paid his debt. So the group returned to Teffet’s house and loaded themselves up with as much of his wine as they could carry. They then took the wine to Rahopas. He accepted the wine as adequate payment for the Captain’s debt.

The ship set sail later that day. During the 1st watch, Khalfani heard a splash as a crew member was dragged overboard. As crewmen gathered around to find out what happened, they watched as a large man crawled up over the side of the ship. He wore tattered robes and smelled of sulfur. Opening his ropes, they saw that his body was covered in ropes that ended in sharp iron hooks. The creature attacked, the ropes unraveling and striking out on their own. The hooks at the end of the ropes were razor-sharp and proved to be dangerous weapons. The creature was ultimately defeated though, with the killing blow causing him to burst into flames.

In the late evening of the following day, they arrived at the northern tip of the Red Sea and after making some inquiries; they learned that a ship has docked there about two days ago. Several passengers disembarked and made their way towards the city of Pursuet.

After procuring some provisions the group headed out to the city of Pursuet. Four days later they arrived at their destination. There they learned that Kolan was an ancient warrior priest of Set. Legend had it that seven centuries ago, he single-handedly drove off the armies of the other gods. As a reward, Set granted him the Gift of the Serpent. Kolan was buried in the Valley of Kings, near Giza.

One week later, they arrived in the Valley of Kings. After some searching, they came across a large hill with the stone door mounted in the side. Upon closer inspection, they noticed the door was slightly ajar.

They were able to open the door far enough to squeeze themselves inside. Beyond was a hallway covered with markings that praised Kolan for his victory over the great scorpion. They also come upon a map that indicated three locations. The first was the city of Pursuet, the second was Kolan’s tomb, and the third was a Temple of Set roughly two days from their current position.

They passed by a set of descending steps and came to a small shrine at the end of the long corridor. The shrine contained a statue of a large coiled serpent. The statue appeared to be missing its two fangs. Examining the statue, it looked as though the fangs were meant to be removable. They then returned to the steps and descended down into the next level.

They found themselves in a large sarcophagus chamber. A stone sarcophagus was positioned in the center of the room. It was surrounded by several large statues and piles of valuable items. Numerous inscriptions were upon the walls. There was mention of the fact that the faithful must go to the Temple of Set. Inscriptions also seemed to indicate that the serpent fangs were meant to be used as keys. The inscriptions also stated that the faithful must prepare for the awakening of Nephren-Ka. Zachamuth seemed to recognize the name, but when asked about it, he refused to say anything. The others pushed the issue and Zakamuth ultimately told them that he would only discuss the name when they were outside in daylight.

Then the sarcophagus began to slowly open. The mummy within sat up, revealing that although it had the body of a man, it possessed the head of the serpent. This was the Gift of the Serpent that was the bestowed upon Kolan. He accused them of defiling his home. They begged his forgiveness and promised that they would return his armor that had been stolen. They then made a hasty exit wishing to not test his patience any further.

Once outside, Zachamuth explained that Nephren-Ka was one of the first Selenim. A direct disciple of Lilith, he was a danger to all Nephilim. He had ruled Egypt over 1000 years ago, although all records of his reign had been expunged.

They decided next to head out for the Temple of Set that appeared on the map in Kolan’s tomb. Three days later they arrived.

There were six guards standing out front that refused to grant them entry to the Temple. The group realized that these were not actual temple guards, but mercenaries. They attacked, and quickly regretted it. Khalfani was sliced in half, and Rylan was pulled into its Stasis. Tsekani was also killed, but Janu was able to incarnate into one of the remaining mercenaries. The three surviving members of the group defeated the mercenaries and made their way inside the temple.

Once inside, they were confronted by Ashuk. At this point, he had cast off all pretense of his humanity; his vampire nature was then on full display. He was also wearing Kolan’s armor. A brutal and bloody battle ensued, with the group being ultimately victorious. Ashuk proved to be extremely difficult to kill. They had to behead him and separately destroy both parts of his body.

They then began to look around to figure out what he was up to. They eventually came upon a vault. The door to the vault contained two small holes. They examined Ashuk’s belongings and found the to serpent fangs. They inserted the fangs into the holes and the vault door opened. Within were several tablets, each with a separate inscription. They were: The Serpent Ankh, the Bloodied Will, The Cleaver of Set, The Tablets of Eternity, The Scepter of Set, The Blackened Sun, The Netherladder, The Seal of Shadow, and The Cursed Star.

Inscriptions within the vault seemed to indicate that the items inscribed upon the tablets were necessary to destroy Nephren -Ka,. There was also reference to a village called Aartuat. They gathered up the tablets and left the temple. They returned to the tomb of Kolan and left his armor in the sarcophagus chamber. They then began the journey back home to Akhetaten.

Part 15 - The Tomb of Kolan

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