Part 16 - The Crow Tower

Using his ability to sense Khaiba, Tangis was able to detect the residual effects of the Lord of Misrule’s passing. They decided that the demon was heading back towards Paris.

They travelled for three days until they arrived in the city of Provines. The Khaibe trail was lost as the whole city seemed to have an ambient level of the corruption.

While walking the streets of the city, they heard a preacher decrying the necromancer that lived in town, and blamed him for the recent disappearance of two children. They spoke with the priest, named Father Melian, and he said he was certain that the two children, Jack and Ava, were taken by Hernadin, the evil man who lived in the center of town. When asked how to find his place, he told them to look for the tower that looked as if it was dragged from the bowels of hell itself.

With that ominous description, they went to the center of town and did indeed find a tall black tower with a circular wood fence around it. Numerous crows called out from the room of the tower and watched the people what passed by the tower. They could definitely sense something off about the place, and Ka-Vision revealed that it was saturated with Dark and Spirit Ka.

They began inquiring about town regarding the tower. Rumor had is that Hernadin was a sorcerer who turned to necromancy when his wife became ill, and that she had actually died and had been resurrected by him. No doubt the children were taken by him so he could drain their blood to be used to help keep his wife alive. Hernadin never left the “Crow Tower” as the locals called it, but his wife, Jahane, served as a handmaiden for Lady Maria, the wife of Count Henry.

In the late afternoon they went to the tower and knocked on the door. There was no answer. So instead, they left a note letting him know they wished to speak with him, and then returned to their rooms at the local inn for the evening.

In the early morning hours, Tangisnoticed someone watching their room from outside. He awoke the others as he ran outside to pursue the spy. Ka-Vision revealed that it was a Dark Ka creature. The creature reached the town wall, and easily scaled it, leaving behind claw marks. As Tangis scaled the wall, the others caught up and together continued the pursuit outside the city. As they got near the woods, they detected the presence of over 20 more of the Dark Ka creatures. They decided it would be best to return to town until after sun rise.

They had to sneak back into the city as the gates were closed for the night. Lazio was spotted by the city watch and ended up spending the rest of the night in jail. It took the better part of the next morning and the payment of a small fine to convince the guards to let him go.

They visited Father Melian who was once again engaged in fiery rhetoric, telling people that they needed to take action against the evil necromancer who lived in the Tower. Tangis could sense the influence of Khaiba on the preacher, indicating that the demon’s influence was at work, causing more chaos. The crowd was whipped into a frenzy but Valentine was able to convince them to back down. He asked for one day to find the children, and the crowd agreed. After that, they were storming the tower.

They then went to the Count’s home hoping to meet with Jahane. They met her and found that she was of a very pale complexion, but otherwise appeared happy and healthy. She worried about the rumors that plagued her husband whom she claimed was a God-fearing Christian.

She told them to go to the tower and knock on the gate. If there was no answer, to ask for Wygrin, who was the care taker for the tower.

They did as she instructed, and when then called out for Wygrin, and grizzled old man opened the door. They explained that they were seeking the missing children, and Hernandin’s only hope of not being burned at the stake was to help them find the children.

Hernandin was a well-dressed, debonair man of seemingly cheering disposition. At first he denied any involvement in the occult, but did eventually admit to some dabbling in Sorcery.

When asked about the Crow Tower, he said he did not build the tower, and no one knew who did. He always sensed there was something odd about, which is what drew him to purchase it.

He told them that beneath the city was a large colony of ghouls. He made a pact with them so that they would not attack the good people of the city. This sometimes required him to bring them fresh corpses to feast upon, which despite being done in secret, was likely where the rumors of necromancy were coming from. He agreed to take them to meet the ghouls.

They first acquired a fresh corpse and then they travelled down into the ghoul warrens. The ghouls did not attack, but did take a strong interest in Gregor, who had been carrying around the Ghoul Idol.

Eventually they came upon the Carrion Lord, the leader of that clan of ghouls. The Carrion Lord told them that the ghouls had nothing to do with the disappearance of the children, but he could help them find out who.

The ghouls brewed a potion that would show the drinker that which he was seeking. Valentine agreed to drink the potion. He was a vision of a band of mummers, performing a passion play. One of the mummers seemed to sense he was being watched and turned and looked at Valentine. He parted his robes revealing Jack and Ava at each leg. He smiled at Valentine and the vision ended. It seemed the Lord of Misrule had taken up with a band of mummers.

They then left the ghouls and returned to town. They told the townsfolk that Hernandin did not abduct the children, but instead it as a stranger passing through town.

They then asked if a mummer’s troupe had been through town recently. They were told that one had been threw at the time the children disappeared. The troupe was headed towards Orleans. Now, so were the Nephilim.

Part 16 - The Crow Tower

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