Part 18 - The Temple of Osiris

The group traveled northward towards the ravine. At one point they were ambushed by 17 bandits. They were able to defeat the bandits without any casualties of their own. They tracked the bandits home back to a cave, but upon entering, were attacked by a large beast me entirely of sand. The creature proved resilient, but not indestructible. Once defeated, they could not find the source of its emanation.

They traveled further on. In the late afternoon they found the path blocked by a large pylon. The pylon was covered in hieroglyphics and had a doorway in its center. Ka-Vision indicated that there were numerous sources of dark Ka were inside the pylon.

They entered the pylon and saw that there was an exit on the other side. As they passed through, jackal-headed Guardians of the Dead descended upon them. After a bloody battle, they were able to defeat the underworld creatures.

They found steps winding their way up the interior perimeter walls. Near the top was a small room, its floors covered in fur. In the center was a blood red disk, sitting on a pedestal. The disk was engraved to look like a full moon. Recalling that the second artifact that they needed was called the Bloodied Moon, they removed the disc from its pedestal.

Looking out a window in the upper floor, they saw off in the distance, up ahead in the ravine, a temple. The walkway leading up to the temple was lined with sphinxes. Based on its design and markings, Dendera believed it was a Temple of Osiris. They remained in the upper floor for the evening, with plans to set out for the temple the next morning.

The next morning, they made their way further down the ravine until they came upon the walkway that was lined with statues of sphinxes on each side. As they got close to the temple, several priests came out to greet them. They told the priests that they had come seeking enlightenment. They also told the priests that they were looking for information regarding a past Pharaoh named Nephren-Ka. Upon hearing that name, the priests invited them into the temple. They were told the high priest, Set-Meniphir, would want to speak with them.

They meet is Set-Meniphir, he explained to them that if they wished to seek the dead, they needed to go were the dead dwell. He guided them to the inner sanctum of the temple where he reed boat sat in the middle of the floor. He instructed them all to get in the boat. He then went behind a curtain and returned carrying a large crystal. He placed the crystal in a socket the back of the boat which then began to slowly submerge into the ground. Just before the boat completely disappeared below the floor, Set-Meniphir snatched the crystal out of the boat and ran off. It was too late for the others to abandon the boat as it plummeted them into darkness.

Eventually the boat splashed down in a water filled tunnel. They slowly paddled until they came upon a large hexagon shaped chamber with an island in the middle. In the center of the island was a mausoleum; the image of Osiris engraved on the door. The back walls were covered with large images of the underworld.

As they floated close to the island, four large creatures burst from the water. They were strange hybrids, half crocodile, half hippopotamus. Three of the soldiers that Pharaoh had sent with them were plunged into the water and torn apart by the creatures. The others abandon the boat and swam for the island or the narrow ledge that ran along the back wall beneath the murals.

Dendera and Hesh went to the mausoleum and opened the doors. Inside was a very tall statue of the three-headed creature. An aura of power emanated from the statue that was so strong that Dendera could not resist an overwhelming urge to bow before it.

A gigantic serpent emerged from one of the murals and attacked Abashur and the other guards. It knocked two of the guards into the water where they were killed by the hippopotamus creatures. The snake then wrapped itself around Abashur and crushed him to death.

Khansu yelled for everyone to fall back to where Dendera and Hesh were. Hesh tried to warn them away from the statue but it was too late. Khansu, Thumose, and the one surviving guard fell under the power of the statue and bowed before it. Danel, having lost his Simulacrum was able to resist the pull of his Stasis. He incarnated into the remaining guard, a man named Marabek, but was still caught up in the powerful aura of the statue.

With everyone either dead or under the sway of statue, Hesh began desperately examining the other murals. He was safe for the moment as the hippopotamus creatures remained in the water, and the giant serpent seems content to consume the body of Abashur.

Eventually Hesh came upon the image of a senat board. When he touched it he found himself transported to a chamber in which the entire floor was a giant senat board. He found he could only move according to the rules of the game. The opposing pieces were large demons who could easily destroy him if they were to reach his space. However, he played the game well and was able to reach the end of the board. There he found a small statuette of Osiris. When he picked it up he was transferred back to the chamber where the others were still in worship of the giant statue.

He brought the statuette of Osiris before the giant three-headed image. When he touched the giant three-headed statue with the statuette of Osiris, the giant statue shattered into many pieces. It’s hold over those who were bowing down to it was immediately broken. Within the remnants of the statue they found the Tablet of Eternity, the fourth artifact that they needed

The center back wall that contained a mural of the gateway opened up, revealing ascending steps. They followed the stairs and eventually emerged in the courtyard of the Temple of Osiris.

They reentered the temple where they were attacked by the priests. Several skirmishes later they found themselves before Set-Meniphir once again. He told them that they would never be allowed to find Nephren-Ka and attacked. They were able to slay him and his remaining priests. On his body they found the Cleaver of Set, the third artifact that they needed.

Part 18 - The Temple of Osiris

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