Part 19 - The Abbot of Unreason

As the Nephilim approached St. Nazaire, they came across the caravan of mummers. They were conducting a performance of the crucifixion. They told the Nephilim to prepare for the final performance. The Nephilim attacked, and though the mummers were imbued with superhuman strength and toughness, the Nephilim defeated them. The Lord of Misrule however, was not among them.

They reached St. Nazaire, and saw a red haze floating over the city. They were able to follow the strong emanations of Demonic Ka to the cathedral at the center of the city. Waiting on the steps was the missing boy Jack. The boy was surrounded by a green fire and spoke in a voice that was not his and declared himself “The Abbot of Unreason”. He then floated into the air and entered the belfry of the tower.

A series of loud cracking sounds could be heard like the snapping of wooden beams and the breaking of stone. The cathedral then began to move as if it had come to life. The flying buttresses moved like spider legs. The doors slammed shut and then buckled outwards, heaving like lungs. The spire bent down and morphed into a monstrous head.

The Nephilim did battle with the giant creature but were able to do little to actually harm it. Finally, Valentine climbed the flailing spire and reached the creature’s head where Jack was located. He was able to knock the boy unconscious at which point the cathedral returned to its true form as if nothing had happened.

The Nephilim were able to release the boy from the demon’s influence. Jack told them that the Joyous One had just hours before set sail on a ship. The Nephilim paid a small fortune to the captain of the fastest ship in the harbor. The ship set sail immediately to pursue their target.

It took a full day of sailing before they caught up with the other ship. As the two ships closed, a storm began to brew. Both ships soon found themselves at the mercy of the surging waves.

Then there was a bright light and they awoke on an island with the Lord of Misrule. He still possessed the body of a Templar since they had tried to contain him. The body was deteriorating, unable to handle the entity within it. The Lord of Misrule offered to make them a deal, but before he could tell them what it was, Gregor cut him down.

As the demon host died, he thanked them. They realized that perhaps it was a mistake killing the host. They awoke back on their ship. Using Ka-Vision they realize that the demon has returned to St. Nazaire.

They had the ship return to port. Once back on shore they found Jack who told them that his sister Ava started acting very odd and joined a merchant caravan heading back to Provins. After purchasing some supplies, they too headed back toward Provins.

They were unsure how they would deal with the demon. Killing the host only released it, and even the Templars could not figure out how to contain it. But they knew they had to end the demon’s reign of terror somehow.

Part 19 - The Abbot of Unreason

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