Part 2 - The Crypt of Gilgamesh

They decided that their easiest way into the palace was to join the King’s harem. This was easier said then done however, as the Queen traditionally decided who was in the harem.

They went to the palace, and Kulaa and Gamlot were presented first to the chamberlain and then the Queen. They then spent the next several days prepping for their new life. This included getting tattoos that marked them as property of the King.

Meanwhile Ubalna, Ninsumo and Yatadum where taken in by a man who cleaned out toilet pits for a living. Most of the citizens just cast their waste into the streets but the wealthy had pits that were cleaned out on a regular basis. To earn their keep, they had to help him in this disgusting work.

Kulaa and Gamlot explored the palace during the briefs periods that they were allowed to roam free. They used Ka-Vision in the hopes of locating the missing Stasis, but no luck. Then Kulaa was presented to the King, but it did not go well. She was nervous and failed to entertain the King. The Queen became concerned that she had made a bad decision. At one point, Gamlot was able to inspect the mausoleum on the palace grounds. Within, she discovered a vast crypt underground, from which she could sense Spirit Ka.

Beyond the palace walls, the other girl’s patience for their work was wearing very thin. But then the man informed them that their next job would be to clean out the pits in the palace grounds. The Nephilim were able to meet up and discuss how things were going. They decided that Yatadum would also attempt to join the harem, while Ninsumo would remain outside.

Yatadum was able to join the harem as well. Ninsumo left the Ubalna with the pit cleaner, while she headed out on her own. She then orchestrated a meeting with the chamberlain while he was touring the city. She introduced herself and he quickly took a liking to her. It was only a matter of days before she was able to convince him to let her tour the palace grounds.

In the evening of that tour, all four meet up at the mausoleum. They headed down into the crypt and opened the sealed door where Gamlot had sensed the Spirit Ka. They were attacked by a Ghost Worm, a semi-corporeal creature that could swallow a person whole and consume his spirit. They killed the worm, but not before it killed Gamlot and Yatadum. When the worm died, their Ka was released. Jehorem was able to incarnate into the body of Gorgennis, one of the mausoleum guards. However, Janu was pulled back into his Stasis.

Once Gorgennis rejoined them, they headed deeper into the crypt where they found the vault of Gilgamesh. Within was displayed the history of Gilgamesh, born of Nephilim parents, he sought immortality, going so far as to track down Utnapishtim, who survived the deluge and was granted immortality by the gods. Although Gilgamesh found Utnapishtim, he failed the trails that Utnapishtim put before him. Having failed to achieve immortality, he returned home. There he sought a different form of immortality by becoming the greatest king that the city-state of Urik would ever have. It is within this vault that they found Seshomaru’s Stasis. They also found a staff that could be used to dowse the location of Plexus, as well as another that seemed to possess healing properties.

Having secured the Stasis, they immediately fled the palace and the city all together. They next needed to find a place to restore the two Nephilim.

Part 2 - The Crypt of Gilgamesh

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