Part 3 - Conspiracy Uncovered

They travelled back to Kerma and found the compound empty. They found out that Tec maintained two separate military units. His main unit was made of Egyptians, but he also had a secondary mercenary unit made up of Nubians. Both seemed to have access to military gear as expected, but also had weapons and gear normally associated with bandits.

Speaking to the remaining servants they learned that Tec had left with his Egyptians several days ago. He left orders with his Nubian mercenaries to remain behind until a couple of days ago when they left on their own mission.

They searched Tec’s quarters and found a map hidden away. It showed the stretch of the Nile River that went from Abu-Simbal to Nupatta. It also showed the proposed route of the new canal as well as the location of a Nubian village. There were also two paths marked on the map. One started at Kerma, the other at the fourth cataract. They converged in the middle of the desert.

The group decided to follow the path on the map that extended from Kerma. After following it for two days they reached the Nubian village. They were informed that a Nubian raiding force had recently passed through.

Five days later they came across the remnants of a battle. It appeared to be between Tec’s two separate armies. They learned little else and decided to continue on. Six days later, they found themselves back at the Nile at the fourth cataract.

There they found a small compound that Tec used to garrison his forces. They learned that he and his army went out to destroy a Nubian raiding force that had been harassing merchants. It seemed that Tec had wiped out his own Nubian force for some reason.

They travelled back to where they had met Rueth. They updated him on what was happening and resupplied. They learned from him that the priest of Hapy in Napata had been murdered a couple of days ago. They then decided to go to Napata and visit the temple of Hapy.

They travelled to Napata and spoke briefly with the Grand Chief. He had yet to make a decision regarding the canal. They then went to the temple of Hapy. Examining the temple using Ka-Vision they found Enochian writing on one of the walls indicating the location of a secret entrance. They opened it and entered a chamber hidden beneath the temple. Inside they found gold payments to the high priest along with writing indicating that Tec was behind the Nubian bandit attacks and the raids looking for bandits. Things were pointing towards Tec running both sides of a war and now he was erasing his tracks.

When they emerged from the secret chamber, Tec was waiting for them. He admitted that his goal was to end the relationship between the Nomarch and the Nubian Grand Chief. He would not say who had tasked him with that objective. He offered to let the three leave in exchange for turning over the evidence they had found. They refused and a battle ensued. Tec was defeated.

They then made their way to the Grand Chief and showed him the evidence that he had. The Chief agreed to relocate the canal as they had asked. They then travelled back to Abu-Simbal and showed the Nomarch what they had accomplished. He awarded them with the credentials that they would need to move about as citizens of the Egyptian Empire.

As to their Stasis, the Nomarch had given them to the White Lodge, a lodge of the Sarmoung Brotherhood located on an island in the middle of the Nile River. The three remaining Nephilim decided to make that their next stop.

Part 3 - Conspiracy Uncovered

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