Part 3 - Death of a Consort

In mid-summer, the village of Poulton got word that its taxes had been raised considerably. The Nephilim figured that they had Doma to thank for that.

Things remained uneventful though the summer. In early October, they decided to head to Marteus to find the man that Darden said could read cuneiform. They reached the city in mid-October. Using Ka-Vision they were able to locate an Earth Nephilim living as Maxim Theurge. Maxim was an envoy from the Roman Empire, whose capitol was now located in Constantinople. He was monitoring the activities of the Knights of the Temple, especially their interest in the Germanic tribes. They also learned from him that the Nestorian Church had ties to the Sarmoung Brotherhood.

They remained in Marteus for a month, trading information and occult knowledge with Maxim. Then they began the journey back home.

They arrived back in Poulton in mid-November. There they learned that a group of knights carrying the banner of King Clovis II had arrested a man at the town inn. The man put up quite a struggle, nearly destroying the entire establishment in the process. The townsfolk did not know why the man had been arrested, but his name was Maradue and the leader of the knights was referred to as Commander Bosch.

They searched his room and found the magic axe that belonged to Sendoneel-Kedosch. They asked the inn keeper if Maradue has a crescent shaped scar on his forehead, and the inn keeper confirmed that he did.

If the knights rode under the King’s banner, they would likely have went to Vensentia, where they King maintained a keep. They then made plans to head back to Vensentia.

At the end of November, they arrived in Vensentia. They used Ka-Vision to try and locate Maradue, but could not sense his Ka. Speaking with the locals, they were able to determine that he had indeed been brought to the city by the knights. Where he was taken after that, no one seemed to know.

They went to the keep and were able to meet with Justicar Hemel, who maintained law and order in the city. There they learned that Maradue was charged with murdering Antilena, one of the King’s consorts. On the night she was murdered, guards saw Maradue enter her private chamber and leave a short while later. No one else was seen going in or out. The next morning she was discovered strangled to death by a torn piece of a cloak that belonged to Maradue.

They requested to speak with Maradue but where denied. Justicar Hemel did agree however, to allow them to meet with Commander Bosch. That meeting did not go much better. The commander stated that Maradue would be brought to trial in a few weeks, and the damning evidence would be presented then.

Lorenzo returned to the Justicar. He used what little influence and few privileges he had as a town mayor to get Hemel to grant him a warrant, allowing him to investigate matters on Maradue’s behalf.

The evidence seemed pretty solid. Did they have any hope of saving Maradue?

Part 3 - Death of a Consort

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