Part 4 - The Imam in the Oasis

The next six months were very quiet. Other than reports of a few minor Muslim incursions, there was little to interrupt a quiet life.

This peace was interrupted in the following spring when St. Claire tasked Vincent with looking into a matter that was concerning him. Word had it that a new imam was amassing followers near Acre and he was concerned what the holy man’s intention were.

Along with Gaspar, Valentine and Gulliam, Vincent traveled out into the desert in search of the Imam. They also brought a local guide name Husan. They eventually heard that Imam Assan Oslum could be found in the Sohar Oasis. They traveled for three days to get to the Oasis, having to fend off some desert raiders at along the way.

When they reached the oasis, they found a tent city with about 50 tents set up. They scanned the encampment with Ka-Vision and detected the presence of a water Nephilim. Husan spoke with several members of the camp that had come out to greet them and after agreeing to turn over their weapons, they were allowed to go into the camp and see the Imam.

When they entered the Imam’s tent he was speaking to a blind cripple seeking healing. The Imam welcomed them, and asked everyone else to leave. He greeted them as fellow Nephilim. They spoke to him regarding his intentions. He said that he was a Heirophant and was only interested in growing his following. He had been approached by others seeking his cooperation in purging the infidels from the land, but he was not interested. He also told them that another Nephilim lived in Jerusalem, a knight named Phillip NeGray. They were satisfied that he was not seeking violence, and accepted his offer to stay the night before returning home.

The next morning, they awoke to find their tent surrounded by several angry men. The Imam had been poisoned and was dying. Naturally, they were the prime suspects.
They were allowed to see him and determined that through some mundane medicines, and some subtle sorcery, the Imam could recover. They were also able to determine that the Imam’s tea had been poisoned. They looked who had access to the tea, and after following numerous false leads, about the only man they had not suspected was the blind cripple.

When they confronted him as he was trying to leave the camp, he revealed himself to be neither blind nor crippled. In fact, he proved to be a very skilled warrior who held his own against the four of them.

After finally defeating him, they discovered that he was a member of the Assassins. The Imam later explained to them that the Assassins were an extremist group who hated Nephilim even more than they hated Christians.

Once they were sure that the Imam would make a full recovery, they returned home and reported what had happened with the Imam to St. Claire.

Part 4 - The Imam in the Oasis

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