Part 5 - Old Friends, New Enemies

About a month later Gulliam was fulfilling his duties as an apothecary when he was visited by a traveler named Gregor suffering from dysentery. Finding his mannerisms familiar he began to ask questions and realized that the man was Jehoram. He had spent many years searching for the Golden Fleece, including travelling with Jason and the Argonauts.

In the recent past, he had had a run in with the Cult of the Head, who made use of an artifact called the Brazen Head. The artifact could answer any question. Gregor was hoping that the artifact could lead him to the Golden Fleece.

He believed that members of the cult who had survived the purge in Rome had fled to the region and were seeking refuge with the Teutonic Knights. The Teutonic Knights maintained a commandery in Acre. They gathered the rest of the group together and staked out the compound. Not surprisingly, it was very well defended.

At one point they observed a small group of knights leaving and taking the road to Jerusalem. They decided it was time that they themselves took a trip to Jerusalem.

They made the four day journey to Jerusalem and immediately sought an audience with Sir Phillip NeGrey, whom the Imam had told them about. They met with him, and quickly realized they had known him in a previous life as Sir Nerovens.

He lived in Jerusalem, acting as a military advisor to King Baldwin . He told them that he was aware of the Teutonic Knights that were active in Jerusalem. There were actually several orders of knights active in the city, including a new small group known as the Poor Knights of Christ and the Temple of Solomon. Most referred to them as simply the Knights Templar, and they had been granted the unusual privilege of setting up their base in the temple ruins.

Over the next few days, they began to observe the activities of both knight orders. One evening, they witness members of both orders meeting in secret at the home of a powerful and influential mason named Decenya.

After the knights left, the Nephilim raided the mason’s home. The man’s guards put up a fight, but were not strong enough to deal with five ancient Nephilim. Decenya was a sorcerer who made use of a Homunculus, whom they destroyed in order to free the tortured Nephilim trapped within.

After employing some harsh interrogation techniques, they were able to learn that Decenya helped the knights perform the necessary blood sacrifices to activate the Brazen Head. He did not remain in the room when the knights asked their questions, so he did not know what answers the Head gave. He did know the questions asked however. The Teutonic Knights wished to know the identity of all Nephilim who lived in the region. The Knight Templar had much grander dreams. They asked how to destroy all Nephilim once and for all. The knights then went their separate ways, with the Cult of the Head members taking the Head with them.

The Nephilim returned to Sir NeGrey and told him what they had learned. They needed to return to Acre and prepare for any attacks by the Teutonic Knights. Gregor informed them that while it was great to see them again after so many millennia, he needed to continue his chase after the Brazen Head.

So they said goodbye to their old friend and hoped he could rejoin them someday once again.

Part 5 - Old Friends, New Enemies

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