Part 6 - The Devil Confronted

The group began operating under the assumption that the city magistrate was a member of the Order of the Noonday Eclipse. Doing some research, they learned that he was taking his orders for provisional Govenor named Kerwin. They began to stake out Kerwin’s home.

One evening, they watched as a number of guards exited Kerwin’s home, and made for the outskirts of the city. Seswah and Busker followed. They soon realized that the guards were heading towards the home of Thevis, the man who had guided them into the Median Empire and the city of Ekbatana.

They also quickly realized that the guards intended to ambush that Thevis. Using Ka-Vision, they were able to warn him. He immediately went on the offensive and attacked the guards. Seswah and Busker quickly came to his assistance. They were able to kill all the guards, but Seswah was killed in the process.

Rylan was able to avoid its Stasis, and immediately incarnated into a hermit known as Old Man Griss. Meanwhile, as Busker spoke to Thevis, he noticed the scar on Thevis’ forehead that they had forgotten all about. Seeing the scare, he realized that Thevis was Sendoneel-Kedosch.

When Griss rejoined them, Thevis explained that when he had slain the dragon Baphomet, it reverted to its original form of chaotic earth energy. This energy still traveled in fragments around the globe. He believed that the stolen tablets could be used to predict where the energy would converge so that the Dragon could once again take physical form. It could not do it on its own, but a sorcerer of sufficient skill might have been able to find a way to make it happen.

Thevis then indicated that he was going to go search for Baphomet. Meanwhile Busker and Griss decided to return to Ekbatana. After consulting with the others, they decided that their next move was to confront the magistrate.

The next day they did so. His name was Hanacar. Instead of confronting him regarding the Noonday Eclipse, they instead inquired about in Inharus. Hanacar explained that Inharus was under arrest and currently in the east barracks prison. Busker convinced the magistrate that he needed to get some items back from Inharus before his wife found out they were missing. The magistrate believed the ruse, and allowed him to visit her.

Busker met with Inharus and discussed her plans. She explained that the Devil was seeking to resurrect the Dragon in order to bring chaos to order. As to why the Noonday Eclipse seemed to be helping them, she explained that it was a very tenuous arrangement. The Noonday Eclipse was hoping to use the Dragon as a weapon. She laughed at the notion that they could ever control it. However the Noonday Eclipse had since betrayed her, which is why she was there in prison and the tablet was in the magistrate’s hands.

The group then began to formulate a plan to break back into the barracks and steal the tablet. Teswah and Griss climbed over the wall into the barracks. They began to sneak about but Griss was spotted. He played the role of a senile old man quite successfully as the guards decided not to arrest him. Instead they beat him with sticks to teach him a lesson and then threw him out the front door. This distraction gave Teswah enough time to sneak into the barracks and locate the tablet. He was able to grab it and make for the exit. He did encounter one guard who he was able to dispatch before safely making it out of the barracks.

Later examination revealed that the tablet was engraved in Enochian. The tablet stated that Baphomet could only be raised when the Earth is at its strongest. The spirit of the Dragon could only be seen at sunrise at the peak of Mount Clayden. To control the Dragon one would need an artifact called the Heart of the Dragon.

They then geared up and began to follow the trail inot the northern mountains. After two weeks of rugged travel they reach Mt. Clayden. Much to their surprise, Inharus was waiting for them with several guards. Combat ensued. The guards were slain, as is Inharus’ Simulacrum. Inharus itself was sent back to its stasis.

They then found the ritual site where the Dragon was to emerge. There they found Thevis waiting, planning his attack. They joined forces and assaulted the ritual site. They fought their way through numerous guards to confront Kerwin, the provisional governor. He himself was also a Nephilim, of the Devil Arcanum. He proved a difficult adversary but they were able to slay him. On his body they found a medallion marked with sigil. It radiated Earth Ka.

Teswah touched the amulet and was jolted with Earth Ka. He survived the encounter, Janu being an Earth Nephilim itself. However he could not shake the feeling that something was now wrong. They believed it to be the Heart of the Dragon and decided it best to get as far away from that site as possible.

With the conspiracy to awaken the Dragon defeated, they headed back home to Ekbatana.

Part 6 - The Devil Confronted

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