Part 6 - The White Lodge

The group decided to go to the island on the river and visit the White Lodge. They travelled there and spoke with the guards outside. One went in to talk to the elders as they waited outside. They noticed the symbol on the lodge was of a rose over a + symbol.

Eventually they were allowed inside and were greeted by the three lodge elders: Keneb, Robay, and Renneb. They discuss everything that had transpired since the group arrived in the area.

The elders explained that there were legends of subterranean rock worms that could tunnel through rock as a fish could swim through water. The Saurians, the legends say, learned to summon and control these worms, but eventually the worms grew too smart and the Suarians lost control of them. When this happened, the Saurians sought to destroy the rock worms.

When they discussed the cloaked figures, the elders speculated that they could be Saurians. It was always believed that some small tribes of the creatures still survived in present times. They were far older than mankind, so it was likely they had developed technology and weapons that mankind had yet to dream of. That would explain the cloaked figure’s strange weapons.

With the elder’s help, they went through all of the information that the lodge had on the legends of the rock worms. Several hours of research revealed that the strange yellow rocks were used to control the worms. But the rocks were dangerous, making those exposed to them very ill. This was why the rocks were kept in the metal box.

The elders then examine the markings on Elsin’s body. It seems that the markings were to both bind an entity within him as well as hide the presence of that entity from those that could see Ka. The elders suggested that he brought before Pharoah, a powerful Nephilim who could possibly communicate with the entity trapped inside.

In the torture chamber, the man had moved on to cutting of Nar-mur’s ears and nose.

The others returned to the dig site where they had encountered the cloaked men. It appeared abandoned. The two Nephilim closely examined the site and saw rows of black powder laid along the site. Sebtef used Ka-Vision and detected Solar Ka coming up from one of the caves.

They set to defend themselves when the cloaked figure emerged from the cave. The man moved to attack when Sebtef stated that he knew they were Saurians. This stopped the cloak figure. It removed its hood and revealed its reptilian head.

They asked the Saurian if he and his companions were controlling the rock worms. He said no. If they wanted to figure that out, they should consider who would benefit from engaging in such a dangerous behavior. He explained that the rocks they stole from him could be used to protect themselves to a limited extent from the creatures. They promised to return the stones once they completed their task.

In the torture chamber, the man began breaking joints. Nar-mur’s ankles and wrists were shattered.

The group returned to Aa-t Rek and began inquiring who owned the mine. Technically it belonged to the Pharaoh as did everything within the empire, but the caretakers were two brothers named Nathobo and Fente. It was a simple task to locate their home, which was the largest structure in the city.

Using Ka-Vision, they were able to detect Danel’s Fire Ka within the house. They tried sneaking into the house, but were spotted by house guards. A fight ensued, but they eventually made their way to the torture chamber. They found Nar-mur’s mutilated body on the table. They unlashed his body, but when they pulled him off, the wards that kept Danel held in place, ripped him from his Simulacrum and pulled him into his Stasis. They decided to mercifully kill Nar-mur as without Danel keeping him going, he was likely doomed to a painful death.

Before they could leave however, more house guards stormed the house. Looking for a way to escape, they found an opening to one of the worm tunnels behind a wall tapestry. The guards were apparently forbidden to enter the chamber as they looked inside, but made no attempt to investigate. Eventually the guards left and the brothers returned.

When the brothers were the only ones in the house, the three men came out of the tunnels and attacked the brothers. They showed no mercy, slaying them quickly. They found stones similar to the ones they found with the Saurians. They smashed the stones, and snuck out of the house. As they were leaving, a loud rumbling could be heard and the house collapsed into a giant sinkhole.

They returned the stones they had taken to the Saurians at the dig site. As they parted ways, there was a massive explosion as all of the caves at the dig site collapsed.

Danel was in Stasis, Janu was trapped in a ghostly state, and Jehoram had disappeared. Things were looking dire, but not hopeless. The next step was to return to the White Lodge and get their Stasis back.

Part 6 - The White Lodge

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