Part 7 - Getting the Band Back Together

They returned to the White Lodge. Through the use of Astrology, the elders were able to determine the time and location of the next Plexus that could be used to free Danel from his Stasis. It would be in Bedttet, which contained a strong presence of the Pharonic Brotherhood. A contact there by the name of Shepses could help them.

One of the elders gave a note to Elsin, but neither revealed what it said. The elders urged the group to speak with Pharaoh regarding his campaign for mono-theism that was going to destroy the empire.

Two weeks later, they arrived in the city of Bedttet. They found Shepses living on a boat on the river. Shepses explained that the Plexus would manifest in a compound occupied by the Pharonic Brotherhood. Getting in would be very difficult.

There was another way however. An underground tunnel ran from the Nile River all the way to the compound. The tunnel was completely submerged and was too far for any mortal to swim on a single breath. They decided that this was the best course of action anyways.

It was indeed a long swim and only through the use of Khemi’s magic were they able to make it in time. They snuck into the compound from the well that connected to the tunnel.

When the Plexus made manifest, Danel was released. He tried to incarnate into multiple people, but they all seemed highly resistant to possession. Finally after several attempts, he was able to incarnate into a guard named Ahmose, but in doing so, exhausted much of his Ka.

He remained in the compound as the other two swam back toward the river. However, the current in the tunnel was very strong and working against them. The spell they were relying on wore off before they made it back and both Khemi and Sebtef drown in the tunnel. Both Sesshomaru and Rylan were pulled back into Stasis.

Ahmose, sensing what had happened, left the compound and returned to the river. There he found the tunnel entrance and the bodies of Khemi and Sebtef. He took their stasis and returned to the compound where the Plexus still remained.

Rylan was able to break free from its stasis, but Seshomaru did not. Rylan incarnated into the body of a laborer named Ramassu. The next morning, Ahmose and Ramassu left the compound where they regrouped with Elsin, and prepared to head north.

They arrived 17 days later at their destination, the city of Akhetaten. It was a new city, built to the specifications of the Pharaoh Akhenaten. They found their entry barred however, as the city would only accept those who could contribute to its construction. Elsin was allowed in as he was a master stonemason.

In the mean time, they were forced to make camp outside the city. Ahmose wrote a letter to the Pharaoh explaining who they were, but he wrote it in Enochian. He gave the letter to Elsin who had been given access to the Pharaoh.

Meanwhile, out it the desert, the disparate Ka that was Janu converged, bringing it back to full consciousness. It then incarnated into the body of a boatman named Thutmose.

Thutmose journeyed to visit the Nomarch Hahn-Nur in Abu-Simbal. Hahn-Nur explained that the others had gone to the White Lodge, so Thutmose prepared to travel there.

Five days later, he arrived at the First Cataract, which was home to the White Lodge. The elders there explained that the others had travelled on to Akhetaten to see the Pharaoh. He learned that the others had spent some time at the White Lodge, so he had a chance to catch up.

Ahmose and Ramassu were still camped outside the city. Elsin returned and said that one of Pharaoh’s advisors wished to speak with them. They were taken into the city and sent straight to the bathhouse.

After they were made presentable, they met with Rakandar, another Nephilim who served the Pharaoh. He explained that they would be welcome in the city as it was to be a sanctuary for their kind. He designated a plot of land that they could build homes on, and had his astrologers work on predicting the next Plexus.

When asked if the Pharaoh’s bold actions were to cause problems, Rakandar explained that they already had and although he was loyal to Akhenaten, he was concerned about the consequences of his actions.

They learned that the next Plexus would be an Earth Plexus that would manifest in the city of Easmet. There was a temple of Anubis built on the location.

They took the one-week journey to Easment. There they tried to sneak into the temple. They were about to be caught which forced Ramassu to act as a distraction. He was promptly caught by the guards.

Ahmose made his way into the inner temple and placed Sesshomaru’s Stasis in the Plexus. He was then discovered and captured by the guards.

Sesshomaru was released from Stasis and incarnated into a temple guard named Busiris. Busiris indicated that he would take the two robbers to the city guard and have them arrested for grave robbing. All three then fled the city.

A week later they returned to Akhetaten. They met with Rakandar and established Busiris’ citizenship in the city.

Ten days later, Thutmose arrived in Akhetaten. He was able to get a message to the others who then were able to bring him before Rakandar. It had been a rough couple of months, but the four were finally reunited.

Then they received word that Pharaoh Akhenaten wished to meet with them.

Part 7 - Getting the Band Back Together

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