Part 7 - The Devil's Due

The rest of the year passed by uneventfully. Pope Eugene was elected as the new pope. Rumors began to circulate that the Muslims were taking more ground from the Roman Empire. In winter, they learned that King Clovis II had died. The throne of Burgundy was now occupied by Chlothar III.

In early March they received word from Doma, the leader of a coven of the Sisters of Isis located in Bezelay. She requested that they come see her as soon as possible.

A week’s journey later they arrived in Bezelay. There they met with Doma who informed them that one of her colleagues had found information regarding an ancient weapon. It was the sword of St. Theodore, the Warrior Saint. The man who chronicled Theodore’s life was a monk named Peter of Aluge. When Theodore died, he passed the weapon to Peter for safe keeping. What she had learned was that Peter’s grave had been discovered in Payern. Perhaps it contained clues to the location of the sword, or perhaps it was even buried with him.

The group then travelled to Payern and visited the various grave yards. Eventually they came upon an old grave that was recently dug up. They began to re-dig the grave, but were caught and promptly arrested.

The penalty for the blasphemous act of grave robbing was severe, but luckily the man who would be deciding their fate was Sir Nerovens. He was shocked that they would do such a thing, but agreed to release them anyways.

He commented that some grave robbers had robbed that same grave several weeks back. They were not so lucky and were promptly executed for their crimes. On their persons was a single medallion, whose purpose he did not understand. It showed the image of a church, but one he did not recognize.

They performed a ritual on the medallion, and were able to detect its connection to someplace in the south. Using a map divining technique, they were able to determine that the location was the city of Lausanne.

This meant another two weeks on the road to Lausanne. It was a large city with nearly 90,000 inhabitants. After a couple of days they found an old church that matched the image on the medallion. It was called the Church of St. Theodore.

Inside the church was a statue of St. Theodore. Ka-Vision revealed residual earth Ka, indicating that earth magic might have been recently been applied to it. They examined the statue and discovered that part of the statue was hallow. Unfortunately they could not find a way to get to the interior cavity, so they smashed the statue. Inside was a map. They grabbed it and ran off before having to contend with the angry priests.

This indicated a location in the wilderness to the northeast of the city. They followed the map for several days, until they came upon a rock outcropping. They quickly discovered a large movable stone. Beyond was a tunnel that led to a small chamber. Within the chamber was a box made of Litharge big enough to hold a sword.

The box was trapped, but the trap was easily bypassed. Opening the box revealed not a sword, but a creature that appeared to be made of liquid metal. William’s hand burst into flame as fire ka surged through him. He attacked the creature only to realize that it was made of Orichalka, it’s very touch capable of destroying elemental Ka and Nephilim.

They battled and defeated the creature with only William being injured. When it was over, they figured that someone had beat them to the sword and left that rather nasty trap for them.

Using their tracking skills, they came upon an encampment. It appeared to be a merchant camp run by a man named Hupert. Ka-Vision revealed him to be a powerful Earth Nephilim. He also radiated Khaiba indicating that he was a member of the Devil. His guards also showed signs of Khaiba corruption, which meant they had been magically modified somehow. Hupert readily admitted that he taken the sword, which he said was called the Bronze Blade of Gilgal.

Hupert knew they were one step behind him in the search for the sword, so he left behind the creature he referred to as a Silver Death. He seemed to have some personal animosity towards the group, but would not say why. They knew they were likely outmatched in the current circumstance, so they expected defeated and left him be.

They stopped at Payern and filled in Sir Nerovens on what had happened. He said he had heard of Hupert before and suspected him of being a covert troublemaker, which would make him a typical Devil. They knew they had not seen the last of him.

Part 7 - The Devil's Due

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