Part 7 - The Queen of Jars

After passing through the long narrow steep tunnel, they found themselves with in the buried ruins of Irem. As they passed through numerous structures they noticed a pattern in the artwork. The oldest artwork worshiped the ancient god Marduk, but over time it appeared that the citizen’s worship seemed to shift from more common gods to creatures that they referred to as the Dwellers Beneath. It seemed that the Dwellers gave them knowledge and brought much prosperity to the city.

The lost city was not without its dangers. Frequent cave-ins and flocks of aggressive albino bats kept everyone on their toes.

They descended lower and lower, finding themselves within the catacombs of the city. They found themselves in a semi-flooded area with many bridges.

At one point they found themselves forced to swim across a river. As they swam across, they were attacked by strange albino creatures that looked like dolphins with clawed limbs. Gulliam and Sayid were killed in the struggle. They were unsure what happened to Rylan as it did not seem to return to its Stasis when its Simulacrum died.

They explored the catacombs further, and found themselves in a chamber with several monoliths, each with a series of sigils on them. They reminded them of the monolith they had dealt with in Rome.

After more explorers found themselves in a chamber full of many bones. In a corner was piled the possessions of those who lost their lives in the chamber. They recognized at least one set of Templar armor.

Toward the back of the chamber were shelves carved into the rock on which sat many jars. In the center of the back area on a raised dais was a thrown made of bones upon which sat a very tall, sickly thin, withered woman in tattered black clothes. She was admiring a freshly sealed jar in her hand. Ka-Vision revealed some very strong Solar Ka. Within the jar was the soul of Rylan.

She greeted them as Children of Enoch and introduced herself as Namia, The Witch of Irem. When asked if she killed the Templars, she stated that she only killed the rude ones. They came seeking knowledge in the destruction of Nephilim.

They asked if she gave them the knowledge. She said there is always a price to be paid for her knowledge. The greater the knowledge, the greater the price. For their knowledge, she asked for a treasury large enough to buy a kingdom. When asked why she would want money, she stated it was more about the task of acquiring the money, than the money itself. The knights, who had taken vow of poverty, set out to amass their fortune.

They asked her what she could teach them. She answered whatever they wished to know. They said they wanted to understand the Grand Secrets of Sorcery. Her price for that knowledge was of course a task. There was another lost city that needed to be saved called Kadralhu. If they saved the city, she would teach them what they wanted to know They agreed.

She guided them to the chamber with the monoliths. She gave them the jar with Rylan inside and activated the sigils on one of the monoliths. She warned them that their magic would not work very well where they were going.

The monolith turned blacker than black, and she motioned them to pass through. Each in turn stepped into the darkness.

Part 7 - The Queen of Jars

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