Part 8 - Fantari Island

The Nephilim returned home after their encounter with Hupert. The next 10 months passed by uneventfully.

In early spring, they were visited by a messenger named Herman, from a place called Fantari Island. He originally went to see Nerovens, but was then sent onward to Pulton. Herman, was a messenger from Vito Fantari, who owned the Island estate in the Mediterranean. It seemed fisherman were disappearing from the village on his island and he was asking his old friend Nerovens for assistance. Nerovens decided to send that assistance in the form of the Nephilim.

While they did not appreciate being “volunteered” for this task, Nerovens had helped them on a number of occasions, and they were told that they would be paid well for their time, so they decided to make the journey.

It was a three and a half month journey by both land and sea. During the trip, they learned that Pope Eugene had died and that Pope Vitalian had ascended in his place.

Finally in mid-summer they arrived on the island. There they met by Count Vito Fantari who told them that over 20 people had vanished in the last year, without a trace. Some were taken from the shores, the others from fishing boats. There was never any sign of them again.

They spent the day exploring the island and talking to the people. They came across a wall that had a painting on it from the time when the island was occupied by the Greeks. It depicted villagers fighting men who appeared to use boats that travelled under the water.

The next day, they explored further. They learned that in the previous year, around the time that the disappearances began, a woman known as one-eye Maria had been executed for being a witch. The man who ordered it was a catholic priest named Matilgus. They spoke to the priest who then showed them her grave. Ka-Vision revealed nothing unusual.

When they returned from their trip they found an older woman berating a young man. The young man had refused to join a fishing expedition that morning, so her daughter had gone in his place. That afternoon the boat was found empty, its four occupants, including her daughter, were missing.

They took the boat and travelled along the route that the fishermen had taken. Soon they heard an eerie flute sound that William was drawn irresistibly towards. The others, though unaffected by the music, played along and soon found themselves being attacked by Saurians. They slew the creatures and tracked them back to a cave just under the water line.

They swam inside and found a network of caves. It appeared that the Saurians were conducting experiments on the humans from organ implants to breeding experiments. They got the distinct impression that the Saurians had been using these caves on and off for centuries. Apparently, the Saurians had returned in the prior year.

They were soon discovered and attacked from all sides by the ancient race. The battle was bloody, but the Nephilim were victorious and freed the prisoners, including the young who had been taken earlier that day. They returned the captives to the village and were on the receiving end of much praise and gratitude.

They remained on the island for a few more days to monitor the caves. When no more Saurians appeared, they decided it was time to head back home to Pulton.

Part 8 - Fantari Island

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