Part 8 - Ibnath Revisited

They sneaked past the Kalabite camps and into the city. They kept an eye out for the Baalzog demon, but saw no sign of him. They made their way to the palace and to the king’s vault. Within the vault they found another tablet to the Book of Eons. This tablet contained information on breaking powerful wards, like the one on the great ziggurat.

Using the tablet, they went back to the top of the great ziggurat. At the top, they saw Kalabites charging up towards them. They made use of their tactical advantage and were able to repel the attack. Using the ward breaking spell from the vault tablet, Sessra was able to remove the ward and they entered the great ziggurat.

They explored the catacombs beneath the great structure. There they found a library containing historical records. The party made camp and spent rest of the night going through the records. In the records they learned how in Yakoth, the great necromancer Yaod had constructed four pillars made of a mysterious purple stone. Many sacrifices were made to it to instill in with power. Then Yaod simply disappeared. Many years later when King Arukashu conquered Yakoth he had the pillars dragged back to Ibnath and set up at a very precise location. He claimed they were simply war trophies, but the Heirophants expressed concern that he may have had ulterior motives.

They next day they continued their exploration. They encountered a temple that contained a pedestal in the center and two spinning wheels on the walls. They figured out that if a person stood on the pedestal when the wheels where spun, the person was instilled with various blessings or curses depending on what the wheels displayed. They toyed with this for quite sometime until Sessra used it and Sesshomaru was cast out and returned to its Stasis. Sessra passed out. The party again decided to rest.

Eventually Sessra awoke, but her last memory was of being kidnapped in Urik. Kasashman convinced her that the party had rescued her and were hiding out in this place.

Having explored all that they could within the ziggurat, they exited and decided to go to the large temple on the west side of the city. However, when they emerged at the top they saw an entire column of Kalabites marching towards the top. They crawled to the back side of the ziggurat and climbed down the back side. They then made their way to the temple. Again they established camp. The next morning they saw that Kalabites were positioned all over the exterior of the ziggurat.

They explored the inside of the temple. At one point they came across a room with a pentagram and the symbols for the five elemental Kas. The four Nephilim each stood at the symbol that matched their dominant Ka. The room suddenly heated up and a voice spoke to Osum asking him to “choose his victim”. He named the demon and suddenly the room cooled back off.

They then entered a portion of the temple depicting the underworld. While exploring this area, they found a triangle shaped key. They also came across a statue of a kraken that had large diamonds for eyes. The statue emanated magical energy. Kuri was able to pry out the diamonds and pocket them.

They then encountered three priests who claimed that they lived in the temple and cared for it. They agreed to take the party into a chamber that would answer all of their questions The party followed them into a room that contained a giant living monolith. The priests sealed them in the room and the creature was attacked. The members of the party were all badly wounded, but they were able to slay the monster. They then returned to the priests seeking vengeance. The priests pleaded for their lives, and the party took them hostage.

They continued exploring, coming upon a mysterious pit. Kuri pushed one of the priests into the pit just to see what would happen. They did not hear him hit bottom.

They then came upon the high priest of the temple. He also tried to lure them into the chamber with the living monolith, but they informed him it was already dead as was one of his priests. The high priest explained to them how to access the chamber of heirophants, using the triangle shaped key, located within the great ziggurat. They again made camp and planned to return to the ziggurat the next day.

They were able to sneak back into the ziggurat. Locating the inner chamber, they found where six heirophants laid in a torpor-like sleep. They also encountered some Kalabites including a red-robed witch who wielded fire magic. The also saw the demon, apparently still tied up, laying in the corner of the room. They defeated the Kalabites with Osum slaying the witch. They then accessed the vault within the chamber, finding more tablets from the Book of Eons. They now had almost all of them.

They discovered that the tablets contained instructions for beginning and ending the Sleep of Ages. They cast the ritual to end the Sleep of Ages and the heirophants awoke. Unfortunately, the demon then played his hand. He broke free from the rope restraints, attacked and slaughtered the heirophants. His task finally completed, he vanished.

They now had all but one of the tablets. They suspected that it was kept with Arukasu, where ever he was buried. Seeking out his tomb would be the next goal.

Part 8 - Ibnath Revisited

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