Part 9 - The Undying King

The party was not sure what to do next. They fought their way through a cluster of Kalabites as they exited Ibnath. They made camp outside the city walls to rest and regroup.

The next day they began a trek back to Dragon Claw Rock. After a few days of travel, they saw Sahdi coming their way. He stated that he was contacted by the Arch Angel Sandolphan, whom he refers to as one of the branches of the Tree of Life. It seemed that the “Eyes of the Void” had been removed from their sacred place and needed to be returned. When he described them, Kuri realized it was the gems he had stolen from the large temple in Ibnath. Sahdi insisted that the Eyes be returned.

He travelled with them as they made their way back to Ibnath. At one point, over a dozen Kalabites attacked them. Sahdi used magic to stun the Kalabites and the Nephilim and their entourage were victorious. They then snuck back into the city and into the temple. They then replaced the Eyes of the Void.

They were discussing what to do next when they realized that with Sahdi present, they had Nephilim of all five elements again. They returned to the pentagram room, and all five stood on the corresponding points of the pentagram. A griffin appeared in the center of the pentagram and asked them what they sought. When they said that they sought the remaining tablets of the Book of Eons and the Eye of Ishtar, it told them to seek the Horn’s of Simnesh. After the griffin disappeared, Sahdi explained that the Horn’s of Simnesh was a small group of mountains located to the northeast.

Sahdi returned home as the rest of the party made their way to the Horn’s of Simesh. Their whole group had now been reduced to four Nephim, Sehreset, two guards, and four servants.

Six days later they reached the Horn’s of Simnesh. Along a cliff face they found a set of massive bronze doors. Around the area were several ancient mud brick buildings. They examined the clay tablets within the buildings and learned that this was the mine that was mentioned in the records found in the King’s private study. The miners had been inflicted with some strange skin disease, so the heirophants had the mine sealed up.

They then approached the bronze doors. They found that they were also magically warded, but using the Book of Eons, they were able to break the ward. The doors slowly ground open and they entered.

Beyond was a second set of doors. When they tried to open those, the outer set closed. They were then set upon by some sort of earth elemental that came from the rock wall. Ishme was killed, but Rylan is able to immediately reincarnate into the body one of the remaining guards, Seleku.

They explored further into the mine. They came across a chamber that contained a large orange crystal. The walls around it were scorched and pieces of melted copper could be seen on the ground. Examining the crystal in Ka-Vision revealed that it contained a high level of Fire Ka. Osum took the crystal and Kuri found the trigger word for the crystal written on the pedestal in Enochian. In another chamber they found the remaining tablets to the book of Eons.

They then came upon a narrow chasm with a tunnel on the other side several feet higher than them. They crossed the chasm and went down the tunnel. They came upon a chamber with numerous statues to dark gods. A single sarcophagus sat at the other end. An elderly hunched figure stood next to it. He introduced himself at Yoad. The others demanded to know where the Eye of Ishtar was. Yoad became incensed by their rudeness.

Several of Arukashu’s royal guards attacked. Ka-Vision indicated that the guards all possessed Dark Ka, but Yoad had Solar Ka, due to the Eye of Ishtar that he wore. They wondered why the necromancer of Yakoth had the Eye and was being protected by the undead royal guard of Ibnath when they realized that Arukashu and Yoad were one and the same.

To make matters worse, Yoad called out to the sword that Kadashman had found at the sea of bones. The sword took control of Kadashman and used him to attack his compatriots. Both Osum and Seleku were killed, with their Nephilim returning to Stasis.

In a desperate measure, Kuri triggered the fire crystal, which instantly immolated everything in the room. When the smoke cleared, Kuri and Kadashman had been thrown clear. There was no more sign of Yoad or the guards. With their strength badly depleted, they decided to cut their losses, and return home, having got what they initially set out for, the Book of Eons.

They completed the weeks long journey back to the Zagross mountains, and were making camp to prepare for the journey back across. After the meal, everyone in the camp became ill. Soon everyone except Kuri was dead. As he began to investigate, the cook, whom he presumed was also dead got back up. Wielding his knives with great skill the cook attacked Kuri and killed him. Both Jehorem and Janu returned to their Stasis. With the exception of the lone assassin, the expedition team was dead.

Part 9 - The Undying King

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