Prometheus was a Ka’im during the time of Atlantis that strongly believed that as humans became more intelligent, the Ka’im no longer had the moral right to subjugate them. Going against most of his fellow Ka’im he devised a plan to test humans.

Prometheus gathered 23 humans whom he regarded as the most enlightened and took them from Atlantis to a place called Eden. He told them that time had no meaning in this place, and that they could live forever here. But he also warned them, that a great truth was being kept from their people that could change their entire perception of the world around them. He presented the 23 with two trees. Eat from the Tree of Life, and they could exist here forever, being immortal like their Ka’im masters and free from their control, but remain ignorant of the truth. Eat from the Tree of Knowledge and learn of the deception that enslaves their people, but be returned home to their mortal world.

All but one of the 23 chose to eat of the Tree of Life. A woman named Eve chose to eat for the Tree of Knowledge. She learned the truth, that the Ka’im were not gods who were entitled to the subjugation of humanity. While they did possess great power over the elements, they were no more entitled to claim mastery of the Earth than humanity. The Ka’ims’ interest in humanity was solely as test subjects in their great search for Agartha.

Forbidden by Prometheus to share this information directly with the others, she was given one chance to convince the others to change their minds to eat from the Tree of Knowledge. She succeeded in convincing one person, a man named Adam. He ate from the tree and knew as she did. As promised, they were returned to Atlantis and no mortal has been allowed to return to Eden since.

The rebellion that would result from this action brought condemnation upon Prometheus. His exact fate is unknown, but he was believed to have been sealed away in some manner. Because of this, it is possible that he survived the cataclysm.


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