The Witch of Irem

The nature of Namia, The Witch of Irem, is not entirely understood. She has Solar Ka, indicating that she is human, but she wields more power that any human sorcerer has ever had.

She seems to be immortal, and has near limitless stores of knowledge. She resides deep in the ruins of Irem, although whether she was always from there or arrived after the city fell is unknown.

She is a powerful sorcerer who has the ability to create Stasis like jars that can trap human souls and Nephilim alike, which has led to her being known in some circles as the Queen of Jars. She also has the ability to create and use dimensional gates.

She will teach knowledge to those she deems worthy and kills the rest. Her teaching always comes at a price.

She has a “Sister” in an alternate dimension names Kamia, who also resides in a lost city.

The Witch of Irem

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